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crysis3_beta_723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON 01/24/2013

Become the Deadliest Hunter on the Planet on 29 January

The Crysis 3 Multiplayer Open Beta will be released on Jan 29th (US local time), available to everyone on the PC, XBOX360 and PS3 platforms! The beta is designed to give you just a taste of the full Crysis 3 multiplayer experience, and help the development team collect your valuable feedback.

In the Crysis 3 Beta, you’ll be able to suit up, team up with your friends, level up to rank 10, and customize your Nanosuit with different weapons, attachments and suit modules.


Hunter Mode:
This multiplayer game mode is all about the survival of the fittest. There are two teams, initially comprised of two permanently cloaked “Hunters”, and up to fourteen CELL troopers awaiting extraction. Each trooper slain respawns on the Hunter team to prey on their former allies, building to a frenetic climax. If any of the troopers survive the round, the hunters lose. Whichever way you play, Hunter Mode delivers a heart-pounding test of strategy and survival.

Crash Site Mode:
This multiplayer game mode is the ultimate King of the Hill type experience. An Alien dropship deploys a pod at random around the map. Players on each team must remain near the dropped pod in order to capture the zone and accumulate points. Each alien pod holds two shields players can utilize defensively as weapons. In addition, each Crash Site map will have a “Pinger”, a CEPH-constructed walking weapon of mass destruction. But be careful, other players can hijack the Pinger while you’re inside of it!


Museum: Roam the dark ruins of the museum that's located inf downtown Manhattan, and use the verticality to your advantage.

Airport: Close to the financial district, nature has taken over buildings and planes in this open fields area.


The New York Feed is a new feature to Crysis 3 that allows you to select challenges that award you XP for completion. These are generated by your own performance, by your friends’ progress, and by the game when you are in squads game lobbies. They range from the simple, such as “get ’X’ kills in a match,” to feats of daring like “kill a Pinger with a rip and throw pole.” There are huge numbers of these and you can have up to four active at a time if you meet the requirements. When you beat a challenge it can generate challenges to your friends to try to best your accomplishment. It also gets published to the New York Feed for all your friends to see.


What platforms is the Multiplayer Open Beta available on?
The Open Beta is on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

How long is the Open Beta available for?
The Open Beta will be live and available from January 29 – February 12.

What languages will the Open Beta be available in?
The Open Beta is only available in English.

What are the minimum PC system requirements?
Minimum Specs:
Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
DirectX 11 graphics card with 1GB video RAM
Dual core CPU
2GB memory (3GB on Vista)

Recommended Specs:
Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
DirectX11 graphics card with 1GB video RAM
Quad core CPU
4GB memory

What if my video card does not support Direct X 11?
You must have a DX11 supported video card in order to participate in the Open Beta.

What is the purpose of the Open Beta?
The Open Beta will give you a chance to play Crysis 3 multiplayer pre-release. Although it will not be final code, it will give you a good sense of the gameplay, design and feel for the final game for when it arrives in February. We will also make final adjustments to the game based on feedback from the Open Beta.

Where do I go if I have a problem running the game?
The Crysis 3 forum at is your first stop. There will be threads for each problem as well as for comments; please post in the correct forums. You may find the answer to your problem already posted by someone else in the community or answered by one of the developers. When posting a new problem, please include as much detailed information as possible in order to help us understand the issue and resolve it.

Can I post videos or talk about the game outside of the official MyCrysis message boards?
There are no restrictions—feel free to post whatever, wherever you want.

What are you doing to prevent cheating in the beta?
Crytek has been working hard to create an anti-cheat system for Crysis 3 based on extensive feedback from Crysis 2, and other Crytek or EA titles. Thankfully we’ve been able to get our anti-cheat systems online in time for the beta. The anti-cheat operates at many levels within the Dedicated Server and Client code – from client anti-tamper recognition to monitoring geometry and line-of-sight on the Dedicated Server.A key goal for Crytek and EA has been to reduce the detection-to-ban to less than 24 hours.

The Open Beta only seems to have two maps and two game modes?
 Yes, this Open Beta only includes Hunter and Crash Site game modes on the Museum and Airport maps. This small cross-section of gameplay will give you a feel for what the final game will contain. The main game has ten more maps and six more game modes that are not in the Open Beta.

Is there single-player content in the Open Beta?
No, the Open Beta is only multiplayer content. The goals of the Open Beta is to serve as a final testing of the game’s backbone and features, and to give fans and the curious out there a chance to play the game before it is released.

To read more about the Crysis 3 Multiplayer Open Beta, register a MyCrysis account at!


Fans who pre-order Crysis 3 before launch will receive an automatic upgrade to the Crysis 3 Hunter Edition, as well as a free digital download to the game that started it all, Crysis  for Xbox 360, PS3 or PC. The Crysis 3 Hunter Edition gives players tools to become the ultimate hunter in multiplayer with instant access to the new signature Predator bow and its attachments plus the Hunter Nanosuit module, which adds additional power and functionality to the super-suit. Owners of the Crysis 3 Hunter Edition will also have a head start when playing online with a bonus XP boost up to level 5, a unique Predator bow skin and three exclusive dog tags to hunt in style.

The Crysis 3 Hunter Edition is available on and other participating retailers:

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    Visit the official Crysis 3 website to learn more about the game.


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