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eagamescom_723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON 08/17/2012

Become the Most Wanted. Wherever You Are.

Most Wanted is about you and your friends.

Play online or offline on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or PC to earn Speed Points. Earn more than your friends to reach the top of your Most Wanted list. But we’re also making Most Wanted for PlayStation Vita, tablet and smartphone, which means you’ll be able to get the edge on your friends by earning Speed Points while you’re on the go.



We’re giving it everything we’ve got to cram the entire PlayStation 3 game onto the Vita. The whole of Fairhaven City, all the events and modes and of course, all the cars will be squeezed onto Sony’s tiny box of tricks plus a sprinkling of exclusive events just for Vita players. Because we love you.

Need for Speed Most Wanted PlayStation Vita

At Criterion Games, we’ve always taken pride in delivering a cutting edge experience that really pushes the hardware. On Vita we’re pushing the system as far as it goes with a large-scale, open-world driving game and incredible-looking cars.  You can even swipe the back of the screen to switch songs with EA Trax.

And the coolest part of all is that everything you do in the game will earn you Speed Points, helping you increase your Speed Level, move you up your friends’ Most Wanted list and unlock Modifications for your PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or PC version of Most Wanted.



Need for Speed Most Wanted for tablet and smartphone is a completely different game inspired by the concept of becoming the Most Wanted but tailored specifically to give you the most from your touch-screen hardware.

Need for Speed Most Wanted iOS Lamborghini Aventador

The game comes from Fire Monkey, the Melbourne-based studio that brought you Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. It’s everything you’d expect from those guys – fun handling, amazing graphics and all your favorite Most Wanted cars.

Need for Speed Most Wanted iOS Audi

You’ll get the M3, Corvette, Aventador, Mustang and all the rest looking better than ever before on tablet or smartphone.

Need for Speed Most Wanted iOS

And of course the Speed Points you earn will contribute to your Most Wanted List total.

  • NFS Most Wanted NFS Most Wanted

    Visit the official NFS Most Wanted website to learn more about the game.


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