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BF3_MaskGuy_BG_1366x850.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON 05/13/2012

El33tOnline: How to build a world class gaming community

Lisa Trollip from fills Jiggsy in on the secret to building a world class gaming community.

So tell us a little about El33tonline

El33tonline kicked off as a video game blog back in 2006. Now, we’ve grown to serve both South African and international readers, bringing them the most important news and the latest reviews and previews, along with truly exciting competitions. There are also heaps of opportunities to interact and engage with our awesome community of gamers thanks to our daily features.

Gaming communities are pretty common nowadays, what makes you guys stand out from the pack?

We’re here to keep our readers informed and entertained. We’re on Twitter and Facebook, and one of our favourite things to do is chat with our p33ps at these social destinations – their comments and support make our work that much easier!

So Community is a big focus for El33tonline?

Our community is extremely important to us, so in addition to our deluge of competitions, and conversations on Twitter and Facebook, we hold weekly online game evenings which are always fun and frantic. Our Battlefield 3 Friday evenings always have new players joining the fray!

What does the future hold?

After writing hundreds of reviews and thousands of news articles, as well as covering international gaming conventions and local launch events, we’re ready for the next challenge. We’re incredibly excited to see how our community guides the next stages of growth and evolution at El33tonline. 


The community have Battlefield 3 Fridays every week. To join them or to find out more, hit them up via the links below.



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