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ds3_terror_723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON 07/31/2012

Dead Space 3 - An In-depth Look at Terror

Lead Level Designer Patrick Lipo is kicking off a series of blogs from the Visceral Games Dev Team to give the fans an insider look at Dead Space.

It’s been a wild couple of years. As the team continues to build Dead Space 3, we wanted to give you a glimpse of all the places Isaac will go throughout the game: Flying in zero-G through a graveyard of long-dead vessels, creeping through claustrophobic ship decks, exploring hostile arctic environments, and even discovering whatever is beyond. We take a lot of pride in what we’ve been able to add to the player’s experience while still delivering the horror and thrills that the series was built upon.

While the team dreams up new locations, enemies and situations to put the players in, we still step back from time to time to make sure the experience is truly Dead Space. Hostile environments? Check. Loneliness and Isolation? Check. Tense lulls of creepy horror punctuated by intense fights for survival? Check. Not trusting everything you see? Well, that one’s for you to find out.

Horror comes in more flavors than dark, dripping corridors. The true horror of space comes from the underlying fact that humans are trapped in tiny bubbles, separated from cold, airless death by a thin shell of metal. This place is out to kill you! When we brought Dead Space 3 to landfall on a remote alien planet, we needed to make sure that hostile environment fit the bill just as well. The wind and cold, the cracking ice, and the blinding snow hiding terrors just out of sight... that’s what Tau Volantis provides. And as anybody who loved The Shining will remember, an environment illuminated by cold light can still be unsettling and yes, horrific.

As you probably know, online co-op is a feature new to Dead Space, but if you fire up the game as a solo player, Isaac will be on his own in classic style: Carver won’t be following you around, and while you’ll see him from time to time over the course of Dead Space 3, he’s got demons to take care of on his own. If you decide to play co-op, you’ll discover places and situations where two people are really needed... and of course Carver’s own story will twine more closely with Isaac’s. No matter how you play there are plenty of optional areas to explore, so you can seek out even more Dead Space lore and gore, if that’s what you want. The choice is yours.

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