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POSTED BY meleryan ON 09/ 6/2011

FIFA 12 Shows Off New Moves with Top Players

Are you hungry for more FIFA 12? Well, do we have a trailer for you. The newest video from the FIFA 12 team doesn't just give you a glimpse of the game's stunning graphics, impressive footwork, and jarring collisions; it gives you an eye full.

Household soccer names from all over the world showcase FIFA 12's newest features, like the Player Impact Engine and Precision Dribbling. Kaká shows how to nail power shots on goal, while Given and Hart display how to make critical saves. Footwork masters, Ronaldo, Podolski, and Nani display how to use light touches to get the upperhand, while hard impacts from defenders like Piqué shows how player collisions are bound to happen even on clean tackles.

Additional players like, Benzema, Wilshere, Hummels, Pazzini, and even cover soccer stars Rooney, Donovan, and Márquez also make noticeable appearances—as do a slew of other top soccer names. It's a FIFA feast of beautiful shots, saves, dibbling, and defending.

Get ready to check out the most realistic soccer experience in video games for yourself when the FIFA 12 demo becomes available on September 27th (Hong Kong) and 30th (India). Or pre-order your copy on Origin, today!

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