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fifa-street-header-211-na.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON 03/14/2012

FIFA Street at a Glance

We know that while we’ve been going FIFA Street mad for a few weeks now, there may be some of you that are just catching the bug. Whether this is your first introduction to the FIFA Street franchise or you’ve been a fan since 2005 we’ve got all the information you need to jump straight into the newest FIFA Street.

FIFA Street is the first of the franchise to be created by the FIFA team on the FIFA engine. But it’s so much more than FIFA because a player’s first priority isn’t always moving the ball forward in FIFA Street. Sometimes you want to draw a defender in so you can embarrass them with a panna or perform a trick in front of them. This is where Street Ball Control comes in. It allows you to have full control over your player so you can outsmart the defender and pull off a trick.

Street Ball Control is also imperative when you’re playing variations like Fustal and Last Man Standing or any of the modes where style is more important than scoring goals (which happens frequently!). It will also help you take full advantage of the 35 venues, each of which will affect how you play the game. And of course, you’ll want to sharpen your skills for World Tour Mode so you can beat the top licensed clubs like Manchester United and Barcelona.

Check out the videos below for everything you need to know to get started.

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