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fuse_723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON 03/14/2013

FUSE | Who is Overstrike 9?

Fortunately for you, there is no need to partake in any awkward social interaction to meet the 4 members of Overstrike 9 you will be playing as in Fuse. Watch our series of video previews below detailing our maculate heroes and their exotic weaponry.

First up is Overstrike 9 squad leader Dalton Brooks, a former Raven mercenary thrust into the unique role of toppling his former employer. To help him, he commandeers the Magshield, which is a Fuse-powered xenotech weapon that creates a portable shield to block incoming projectiles. Offense is the best defense, though – which is why the Magshield can also project a deadly electromagnetic blast.


Next up is Naya Deveraux, the stealth and AoE expert of the bunch. While your father taught you how to ride a bike, Naya’s pops taught her how to kill. Now, he is captain of Raven, the organization Overstrike 9 has been sent to undermine. At least she’ll get to work through her daddy issues with a cloak and the Warp Rifle, a Xenotech weapon that creates singularities to tear apart groups of enemies.


Jacob Kimble is a former police detective whose idea of justice firmly sits in a moral grey area. Now he operates as the team’s long-range marksman and trap expert. To do this, he is equipped with the Arcshot, a liquid mercury infused Xenotech weapon that is able to melt away its target at the tap of a button. You know – for justice.


Izzy Sinclair isn’t really a people person. In fact, she’s lived out most of her life secluded as a hacker and intelligence broker. So, it might surprise you that she is the team’s support aficionado. Her Shattergun crystallizes enemies and lifts them up out of cover; while her Heal Beacon is able revive downed enemies from a distance. Seems pretty people persony.