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nfstimesaverspack.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON 11/16/2011

Get All the Fastest Cars with Need for Speed The Run's Time Savers Pack!

Need for Speed The Run has an incredible car list that you have to unlock as you progress through the game. But what if you’re short on time? With the Time Savers Pack, you can unlock all the cars, icons and Challenge Series events right from the beginning!

When the game comes out tomorrow, download the Time Savers Pack and you’ll have every car in the game at your fingertips, from the Aston Martins to the Zondas. Enjoy flying past your friends online with the fastest rides, long before they’ll have a chance to unlock them.

Not only that, but you’ll have access to all the profile icons and backgrounds to show off your style immediately!

To get the Time Savers Pack, simply follow these instructions below for both 360 and PS3: 

1) Start the game and go to the Main Menu
3) Select "Download The Run Time Savers Pack"

That's it! Enjoy the fastest cars in the game and all content unlocked!

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    Visit the official Need for Speed The Run website to learn more about the game.


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    언더 커버 이후로 다 샀는데..... 추가로 준다는건.. 프로스트리트 이것부터인데.. 프로스트리트도 DVD 판이 있는데..... 도데체 뭘 다운 받아야 하나요? 다른거 못 받아요?
    12/ 1/2011
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      엑스트라가서 VIP 항목들어가면 전작들 소유자는 특전 받을수있습니다
      12/ 2/2011
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    TIME SAVERS PACK!... 역시나 PC는 해당사항이 없네;;;
    12/ 2/2011
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    Hard!can't enjoy the need for speed like "undercover",very disappointed...and the story very simple and just a few car can use in the story mode...
    12/ 3/2011
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    When will we have a Time Saver Pack or a Signature Package for PC Platform???
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    What, nothing for the PC version???!!!!!!!!!!! How vewry disappointing indeed! ://
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    PC버전에서는 해당사항이 없는듯하네요.. ㅠ 아쉽네..ㅜ
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    PC판도 출시해달라!
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    Give us PC version, man!
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