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gillete_rr3_banner_723x250_v2.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON 09/ 2/2013

Limited Edition Gillette McLaren MP4-12C available inside Real Racing 3

Enjoying Real Racing 3? Well, it just got more interesting .. EA and Procter & Gamble have teamed up to bring fans of the game something special. For a limited time only, you can dominate the tracks in a Limited Edition Gillette McLaren MP4-12C.

To hit Mach 3 (see what I did there?), players who already own the car inside the game can get a free Gillette livery through the re-spray option. For those who don't yet own the car, the livery will be applied to all new purchases of the McLaren MP4-12C. The offer ends in November, so get it while you can. And there is more!

Until early October, you can also get two Gillette branded events where you can take on the streets of Melbourne in the Gillette McLaren MP4-12C Showcase and dominate the Suzuka and Mount Panorama circuits in the Gillette Australasian Exposition. Players can race both events under the Modern Sports Classics and Pure Stock Challenge race series respectively.

For more information visit our Real Racing 3 page or better still, play the game - download it for free for iOS and Android

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    I just love the mclaren. And gillete
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