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NFS-Most-Wanted-News-723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON 11/ 1/2012

Kotaku says YES to Need for Speed Most Wanted!

Kotaku - we love these guys. Not only did they play eight hours of our game before passing judgement, but they took the time to hit our servers hard in order to truly understand the online side.

For the full lowdown, check out Kotaku. Here are some of our favorite choice words from reviewer: Kirk Hamilton.

Kirk on Most Wanted

"Need For Speed: Most Wanted is a video game shot out of a cannon. It starts at a sprint and never stops for breath, hurtling forward with such momentum that it feels like it may rattle apart at any moment. Most Wanted is exhilarating, disorienting, maddening, cathartic, and hilarious, all in equal measure."

"It’s the most purely enjoyable racing game I’ve played in ages."

Most Wanted Speed

Kirk on Speed

"Criterion has, through some form of digital alchemy (and years and years of practice) managed to almost flawlessly recreate the feeling of flying forward at extremely high velocity. The recipe lies somewhere in their combination of whiz-bang visuals, undulating audio, screaming engines, thrumming music, and reflecting, refracting light-bursts."

"Everything feels heightened. This is how you’d imagine street-racing would feel."

Most Wanted Racing

Kirk on Autolog

"A good deal of Most Wanted’s “pinch” comes from its built-in asynchronous multiplayer. It centers around the Autolog, an integrated database that tracks your every statistic and relentlessly compares you with your friends. Every race, every top-speed, every jump, every stat you can imagine is tracked by the Autolog. A journalist friend of mine was among my Xbox friends playing the game ahead of release, and every time I’d finish a race, I’d be rewarded with the knowledge that he had finished it faster. Every. Damn. Time."

"It’s a bitter, bitter thing, the Autolog, but also an addictive one."

"I once backed up and re-buzzed an emplaced radar-detector about a dozen times just to get a faster time than he’d had. And while it may not happen that often, the feeling that accompanies winning a race and beating all your friends’ best times? Priceless."

Most Wanted Autolog

Kirk on Multiplayer

"Many of the multiplayer events are the same as in single-player, but a few are designed just for humans. My favorite of these is called “Park Up.” In it, players are given an unlikely location—a platform hanging beneath a bridge, say, or the roof of an auto-shop—and told to finagle their vehicle up there and occupy the space without moving—or being moved—for as long as possible. What follows is a hilarious game of brinksmanship and king of the hill, where players attempt to sit still and run up their own clock while simultaneously running risk assessment against any attempt to shove their neighbor off."

Most Wanted Multiplayer

Kirk's verdict

"Need For Speed: Most Wanted is a velocitized game. Its cruising speed is 50 miles per hour faster than any human could comfortably control, and it gets more done in three minutes than most games get done in three hours. At its best, it feels like a living thing, always pushing forward; harder, faster, onward to the next three minutes of terror and ecstatic velocity."

"It wants you to be playing it, always; your muscles tense, your fingers blistering, your heart in your throat. Never stop, it begs. Never stop."

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