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Need for Speed Most Wanted: 5 Ways to lose the cops

Having trouble evading the cops in Fairhaven? Here are 5 tips to help you outwit, outrun or just smash through the cops.

1. Get out of sight

It's a little known fact that you can switch off the engine and park up in Most Wanted. Your Wanted Level will decrease faster, when you're parked. With the cops on your tail, try finding a side street or offroad area that's out of sight of any pursuiing cops, then park by pressing left thumbstick in and keep your fingers crossed that you don't get rumbled by patrolling cops.

A great tip when it comes to hiding is that Fairhaven's cops tend to look for you on the ground. Using the city's elevation is a great pro tip. Look out for elevated railway lines and ramps to the rooftops. More often than not you'll find a great location is the secret to ditching the cops, and there's nothing more satisfying than watching these guys patrol all around you while your Wanted Level drains away.

Out of sight

2. Explore the City

There's no substitute for knowledge of the city.

Fairhaven City's filled with "Jack Spots". You're introduced to one of these in the very first event of the game. Drive to a location and switch your car out for Porsche's delightful new 911 Carrera S. There are 120 Jack Spots in the city, each with a white-hot and absolutely pristine car waiting for you.

With the cops on your case and your car smashed half to pieces, you could do a lot worse than to switch to a fresh, undamaged car, and take the opportunity to switch tactics.

Get to know the city well enough and you can head for a specific nearby Jack Spot to pick up your favorite, fastest or funnest car and unleash your tactics of choice on those poor unsuspecting cops.

As well as JackSpots and hiding places, look out for bridges, jumps and off-ramps. These all offer superb opportunities to wrong-foot the cops, who are often foiled by sudden change of direction, late turns and big air.


3. Get to know the cars

In Most Wanted, you have access to some of the most effective pursuit-busting gear known to man: it's all about the cars.

Having trouble with the law? Time to break out the big guns. If you can't lose The Heat in the Bugatti Veyron, Koenigsegg Agera or Pagani Huayra, you're just not trying.


Alternatively, get down and dirty with Subaru's do-everything Impreza or the classic Lancia Delta. The cops are formidable opponents on the streets, but they're not geared up for off the road pursuits.


4. Turn and fight

When all else fails, ram unsuspecting cops off the road, into immovable objects like buildings or gently introduce them to oncoming traffic. This typically results in escalation, but it'll put a smile on your face and get you out of an immediate scrape. Your best bet is to pick something heavy and solid like a big saloon or SUV, and go wild.

No matter how tough your car is, it'll eventually get worn down by multiple impacts, so keep an eye out for Repair Shops. Rip through these during a pursuit to reset to full health. And switch to a new color. Because you're worth it.


5. Use Modifications

Most Wanted's vehicle modifications are all about performance. Modifications like REINFORCE CHASSIS and REINFLATES are designed to make your car stronger, tougher and more resistant to police equipment. BURN NITROUS gives you a burst of pace when you really need it and TRACK TIRES increase grip and performance on the tarmac. Try SHORT GEARS for more brutal acceleration in confined spaces.

Pair Modifications with your choice of car to exaggerate already excellent performance to insane levels or just address any limits to your ride of choice.

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    could someone tell me how to switch off the engine for Most Wanted PC? cos i dont have a left thumbstick to press down. thanks!(:
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      Looking for the same info...death to consoles!
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      Just stop the car at one place & the engine will turn off in a little time :)
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    very good tips................i knew all of them already except the parking one......really good
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