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NFS-Most-Wanted-News-723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON 10/22/2012

Need for Speed Most Wanted on the PS VITA

PS Vita represents a huge step for Criterion Games. It's the first Need for Speed game developed internally by the team for any handheld system.

And what a system. We managed to crowbar the entire PlayStation 3 game onto Vita, so you get 98% of the races and events plus a few events exclusive to the PSVita. You also get all the cars from the PlayStation 3 game.

Our nonstop online play makes the conversion in place, albeit with 4 players rather than 8, and the connected open world of Fairhaven is right there too – all the collectibles, speed cameras, Jack Spots, the Milestone events for each car and of course it's all wired up to Autolog.

Most Wanted Vita

Because you're not always connected on Vita, we let you store an offline version of your Most Wanted List. You can play as much of the game as you like, and it'll track how many Speed Points you earn plus all the record speeds, times, and jumps you hit, then sync with your online listings as soon as you're connected again.

Everything you do on the Vita earns you Speed Points and get you closer to that top spot on your friends Most Wanted list whether they're playing on PS3, Vita or any other system.

Our Vita game will be available on 30th October.

Vita Most Wanted
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    Visit the official NFS Most Wanted website to learn more about the game.


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    Waiting forward to play this action packed game.. Thanks EA in advance !!!
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    Omg I'm actually so glad there's gonna be offline mode for the vita version becuase then i can play it while I'm on a road trip! Thank you EA!
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    HEY!!!!!! Why the hell can't you skip the start intro on "The Getaway" race in the "Ariel - Atom 500 V8"!!!!!!! This is really stupid!!!! It takes 35.5 sec to start into the race NOW!!!! And it one of those races where you'll have to restart it a few time to get it RIGHT!!!!!! as it's a "you need your speed at 135 miles an hour to get gold" race!!!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! FIX IT!!!!!!!
    11/ 7/2012
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      i agree. but its not only with the Ariel. it's also with all the other cars that you have to do this race with. not only is it very annoying it's really aggravating. EA FIX IT!!!
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