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nfsmw_gameinformer_723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON 10/29/2012

NFS Most Wanted Game Informer Review 9/10

The guys over at Game Informer recently reviewed Most Wanted and had these words of wisdom to share:

“Most Wanted is a well sculpted, honed racing machine that delivers an exhilarating experience.”

“Unlike most games out there, races unfurl in a subtle way. Jump in a car and do whatever you want, and the game tracks it and suggests objectives via Autolog (including the feats of your online friends).”

“Cars are simultaneously coveted and disposable. It’s great to find them in the world and pride yourself on beating / earning the high prestige cars on the Most Wanted list, and yet tearing them up in high-speed wrecks and launching them off jumps (safe landing or not) brought a smile to my face.”

"Whether you’re dominating your opponents or barrel rolling your way through a race, you’re getting what you wanted – a game, that win or lose, goes all outgetting there."

"This game makes everything you do fun and feels like the way racing games should be."

Most Wanted Jerk

Check out the screenshot and caption above: we love how well GI grasped the fun of hitting record jumps on billboards to get your picture displayed on them. But we have to say for the record that Meaks (pictured in the billboard) isn't exactly a jerk.

Bit of a dork, maybe but not a jerk.

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