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nfstroriginoffer.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON 11/ 9/2011

Pre-order Need for Speed The Run and get another NFS game FREE!

If you Pre-order Need for Speed: The Run through Origin, you will receive a PC Digital download for 1 of 5 past titles!  Not only will you get NFS The Run, but you can choose between Hot Pursuit, SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED, ShiftUndercover or ProStreet!

Follow the links below to your respective country's Origin Store. Be quick as this offer is only available until November 14th!

  • Need for Speed The Run Need for Speed The Run

    Visit the official Need for Speed The Run website to learn more about the game.


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    난 SHIFT, 핫퍼슛은 있는데, 개인적인 감상으로 SHIFT, SHIFT2는 똥망이다. 그러고나면 남는겜은 존나오래된 언더커버랑 프로스트릿이야 씨바. 차라리 초고전게임 모원, 포르쉐 언리쉬드나 High Stakes를 내놔라.
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    too late for me
    04/ 8/2012
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