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FIGHT NIGHT CHAMPION Feedback Session Oct 28-29

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  • avatar A Welcome from the FIGHT NIGHT CHAMPION Dev Team Posted by Alain Quinto at 08:57PM on Tuesday, July, 20, 2010

    What’s up y’all! My name is Mike Mahar and I’m one of the producers/designers on FIGHT NIGHT CHAMPION. I’m extremely excited we’re finally announcing a new FIGHT NIGHT, we’ve got some really cool surprises in store for you in the coming months.

    First, let me address the name change. We’re confident in the enhancements we’re making (many coming in response to suggestions from our community) and thought ‘CHAMPION’ fit nicely with the additions we’re making to the game. Also, as there is a max of 12 rounds in a fight, we saw the writing on the wall. The name would have to change some day, so why not change it now.

    Second, we’ll be discussing additions and enhancements to FIGHT NIGHT CHAMPION in the coming months and while I can’t go into specifics now, I can say the team is working hard to deliver, what we believe, is the best FIGHT NIGHT ever. We have a very talented and passionate FIGHT NIGHT Dev Team and I believe you’re going to like what we have in store for you.

    We’d also like to thank the FIGHT NIGHT ROUND 4 community for their continued support, wish lists, and critique of the FIGHT NIGHT series. We take your feedback seriously and appreciate the fact you take time to talk to us about the game. The team will do it’s best to deliver on your requests and address your concerns.

    On that note, I’d like to introduce you to the Production team:

    Name: Brian Hayes | Brizzo
    Role: Producer/Designer
    I’m up off the stool for another round after having worked on FIGHT NIGHT 2004, ROUND 2, and ROUND 4 (with some stints on NBA Street and Def Jam in between). I’m very much looking forward to building on the great foundation of FIGHT NIGHT ROUND 4 and delivering an even better boxing gameplay experience. I am one of the dev team’s resident boxing “experts,” which means I have trained off and on since 1998, done a fair bit of sparring in my time and I used to spend money ordering classic fights on VHS when it should have been going to the utility bill. I’ll be on the forums as much as I can and I’m looking forward to seeing all of you online when FIGHT NIGHT CHAMPION hits the street.

    Name: Jenny Freeman
    Role: Art Director
    The art team and I are really looking forward to working on FIGHT NIGHT CHAMPION this year as we are working off of a great base, which was FIGHT NIGHT ROUND 4. We are working hard and reading the feedback you guys have given us, that way we know what features you’d like improved. We may have a few surprises for you all too. As you can tell from the screenshots, we are making quite a few enhancements, we’ve still a lot of work to do though as we are early in our dev. cycle. By the way, I’m a Londoner born and bred and grew up near the Royal Oak gym, Canning Town where Frank Bruno trained. Therefore, I’ll be representing the British boxing contingent!   

    Name: Jeff Atienza
    Role: Line Producer
    Hey FIGHT NIGHT fans, I’m super happy to be back leading up the charge on what is shaping up to be another great FIGHT NIGHT game. It’s great to work with such a passionate, creative and dedicated group of Producers/Development team, at the end of the day it really makes my job easy.

    In the upcoming months you will start to hear more details on our exact feature set and how we plan on taking the FIGHT NIGHT Franchise to the next level. I’m confident that we are concentrating our efforts on not only bringing our fans a better boxing video game but also delivering one of the best games in the market…period! Stay Tuned!

    Name: Jazz Brousseau | jazzBRO
    Role: Assistant Producer
    You may recognize me from the FIGHT NIGHT Community Playdate back in January. I’m back for FIGHT NIGHT CHAMPION and looking forward to taking on challengers during Lunch Break Fights! I’ll be asking for a FIGHT NIGHT ROUND 4 challenger once a week in the General Discussion board, so check daily and look out for me, jazzBRO!

    Name: Freddy Ouano | Freddyo
    Role: Producer
    Hey Everyone! Really excited to be working on another round of FIGHT NIGHT. This is going to be a good one! The team’s working really hard to bring you the best FIGHT NIGHT yet, and live up to this year’s title name of “CHAMPION”. Looking forward to speaking with you guys over the next few months!

    As always, you can find me on the forums (EA_MikeMahar) should you have any questions and concerns. Also, make sure you become a fan of our official FIGHT NIGHT Facebook Fan Page and be sure to follow us on Twitter!
    I look forward to speaking with you…see you on the Forums!

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