RISK: Factions


The original game of strategy and world domination comes to Xbox LIVE Arcade- with a surprise twist! Wage war with five factions, each with unique abilities. Command your army with strategic thinking and tactical gambles and you just might win the day.

  • Overview

    Five unique factions with different strengths:

    • Play as the Human, Cat, Robot, Undead, or Yeti army!

     Campaign Mode:

    • Play through the campaign mode to unlock new factions

    Local & Online Multiplayer:

    • Fight for world domination in ranked or unranked matches
    • See how you stack up on the RISK Leaderboards

    New ways to play:

    • Play objective-based or world conquest scenarios
    • Play on new maps with dynamic terrain. Flood enemies out of territories, avoid nuclear fallout, and control missile silos to gain the strategic upper hand.
    • Unleash Overkill moments based on the dice roll
    • Enjoy fun and quirky animated battles
    • Unlock avatar awards
  • G (General Exhibition)
    This title is rated G (General Exhibition)
  • G (General Exhibition)
    This title is rated G (General Exhibition)