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The Mt. Eddie & Classic Characters Pack is Available Now!


Welcome to Mt. Eddie! Where there’s plenty of big air and the trick points run like… well, trick points. Mt. Eddie is an ‘SSX Tricky’ inspired mountain that brings back the classic SSX experience! The bundle pack also comes with 7 retro characters from past SSX titles, as well as 3 classic music tracks. 






Mt. Eddie is an old-school snowboarder’s ultimate destination. Featuring 9 new Race & Trick drops to explore, Mt. Eddie is loaded with huge kickers, sky-high rails, lights, fireworks, and billboards – the classic SSX experience! Keep a lookout for shortcuts through Rushmore-like sculptures and transfer-friendly scaffolding.


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Mt. Eddie, along with 3 classic music tracks, is available to download as a separate pack for $5.99 or 480 points; download Mt. Eddie today!




Relive the glory days of SSX with 7 of your favorite characters from SSX 3 and SSX Tricky: Elise, Mac, Zoe, Kaori, Psymon, Moby, and Eddie, each with a unique snowboard. Ride in style with Eddie’s crazy shirts, Psymon’s spiky hair, Moby’s riding helmet, Kaori’s panda backpack, and more.



The Classic Characters are available to download as a separate pack for $5.99 or 480 points; download the Classic Characters pack today!




Mt. Eddie feels like classic SSX; the retro characters look like classic SSX – and now it even sounds like classic SSX! Originally released in 2000’s SSX, SSX Tricky, and EA’s Sledstorm (ask Zoe and Psymon about Sledstorm), you can now ride the mountain old-school style listening to classic music tracks ‘Top Bomb’, ‘Gin and Sin’, and ‘Darkpath’. Music and Production by John Morgan.




Make sure to get all this great content and download the SSX Mt. Eddie & Classic Characters pack today!



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