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  • avatar EA SPORTS and Pretty Lights Collaborate to Remix SSX Franchise Anthem – Run-DMC’s ‘It’s Tricky’ Posted by EA SPORTS at 09:49AM on Friday, November, 18, 2011

     ‘It’s Tricky’ by Run-DMC, the fan-favorite and unofficial anthem of the EA SPORTS SSX franchise is back by popular demand! The track has been remixed by the artist, Pretty Lights for the SSX in-gamesoundtrack and will be triggered dynamically in-game as players achieve ‘tricky’ state by linking tricks together without bailing.  Just as the latest incarnation of SSX has its own unique identity, we wanted to bring ‘It’s Tricky’ back with its own identity as well.


    ‘It’s Tricky’ made its first iconic appearance in SSX Tricky on the PlayStation 2. Synonymous with SSX Tricky, fans of the franchise flocked to the song as that title became arguably the most beloved in the franchise – as a recent poll on the SSX Facebook page indicated. But I’m sure fans of the SSX series didn’t need to be told that.


    Freddy Ouano, the SSX Audio Producer had this to say about why it was time to bring back ‘It’s Tricky’ and why the team chose Pretty Lights to do it –


     “Music has always been an important element of the SSX franchise. ‘It’s Tricky’ had such a monumental impact on fans of SSX Tricky that we wanted to pay tribute to the song by introducing it to a whole new generation of SSX and musicfans.  We chose Pretty Lights to remix the track because he’s a phenomenal artist whose style fits well with the tone and direction of this rebirth of SSX.”


    If you’re not familiar with Pretty Lights, he has given away more than two million free album downloads to date and averages 20,000 paid iTunes downloads each month. You can check out his work here.


    Pretty Lights, the musical vision of the ultra-versatile Colorado based producer Derek Vincent Smith, remixed ‘It’s Tricky’ in his mobile studio while on tour and debuted it at a live, sold out performance in Atlanta, Georgia. The track features Pretty Lights cutting-edge party rocking beats, while staying true to the original version.


    Pretty Lights had this to say about SSX and remixing ‘It’s Tricky’ –


    “I’ve always loved hip-hop, video games and snowboarding, so it was truly an honor to put my twist on such a classic song for such a dope game. Can’t wait to play it!”


    Check out the SSX It's Tricky trailer:

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