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  • avatar SSX Wins Critical Acclaim Posted by EA SPORTS at 09:52AM on Wednesday, September, 28, 2011

    SSX has had a busy summer, stopping in at several key industry events including, but not limited to: E3, Comic-Con, GamesCom and PAX.  Consumers and Media alike have been blown away with SSX’s massive world, reality defying gameplay, and revolutionary online features.  Take a look at what people are saying about SSX:


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     “Using NASA satellite photos to create courses on some of the most intense mountains on Earth. That’s just plain cool”

    - Digital Trends


     “Defy Reality, that’s what it’s all about in this impressive new video of SSX!”

    - JeuxVideo


     “The SSX madness is still intact.”

    - GameSpot


    “We cannot wait for this game.”

    - Complex


    “It’ll be one of 2012’s first best games.”

    - Metro



    “EA have built the social side of competition so deeply into the game that it would be a shame for anyone to miss out on it.”

    - GamePro



    “Every time we look at SSX, it seems to get crazy better.”

    - Planet Xbox 360



    “Some of the most innovative level designs and multiplayer features ever packed into a sports game, let alone a snowboarding title.”

    - GamerRant



    “NASA data has been put to very good use in this menu system as it is very detailed and looks stunning.”

    - El33t Online



    “Good News, everyone! SSX is Fantastic.”


    “The controls are spot on and the visuals style fits the series very well.”

    - Destructoid



    “SSX will be the most innovative, feature-rich snowboarding game of all time.”

    - VideoGamer



    “As an SSX fan I’m more than ready for the game’s release early next year.”

    - Destructoid

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