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  • avatar SSX Iconic Terrain Blog #3 - Platform Jumps, Pillows, and Natural Half-Pipes Posted by EA SPORTS at 09:52PM on Thursday, July, 14, 2011

    Thanks for all the great comments on this week’s character reveal of Zoe who’s back for another iteration of SSX!  She plays an integral part in the game this time around and we’re excited to reveal such a fan favorite for you all.  Make sure you keep an eye out during the week of Comic Con when Senior Game Designer Sean Smillie will begin blogging about the characters.

    In the meantime, we’re stoked that you’ve been enjoying our SSX Iconic Terrain blogs over the past couple of weeks.  We are back again to give our thoughts on three more pieces of Iconic Terrain that you can expect to deal with in the new SSX:  Platform Jumps, Pillows, and Natural Half-Pipes.


    What happens when you take the fissures, break them up even more, put a super windy path around them but keep the whole ‘chasm to oblivion’ bit? We have platform jumps!  Of course, where there’s a greater chance of disaster, there’s a greater chance of glory. That suits the SSX rider just fine, thanks. Expect a trick happy, express rollercoaster to the global high score table. Of course, this sort of challenge isn’t for everyone – that’s why you’ll only find them on the more challenging regions of the world. Veterans can expect even more extreme short-cuts within these platforms, but the real experts will be the ones treating this dangerous environment as their own supersized personal trick park….


    The trouble with jumps and kickers is that you’re always looking for your next one. Not with Pillows. We guarantee you jump after jump after jump after jump after jump after jump after jump. The skill of this comes in stringing together all these generous opportunities into the ultimate score. Don’t be surprised though when you catch sight of a real veteran sailing overhead, superman posed, while the novice throws down a couple of 720’s in a row. It may look like a beginners’ environment, but it’s where the experts come to show off.


    Fabricated half-pipes are the domain of the cultural snowboard expression. In real life you’ll find huge lengths of perfectly carved snow surrounded by eager observers hoping to see the next new trick or a glimpse of an upcoming celebrity. Now imagine that, but ten times the size, up in the middle of some unexplored mountain range, filmed by chopper! That’s where we really see the evolution in tricks and style! Be careful though, who knows how stable that terrain really is or where it will take you….

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