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  • avatar Meet Team SSX Posted by EA SPORTS at 09:52PM on Wednesday, June, 01, 2011

    Team SSX consists of the best and most cutting edge riders on the planet. Each individual rider brings a unique skill-set with them that SSX sees as invaluable. These riders have spent years crafting their skills to razor sharp perfection, either on the pro circuit known as The Tour, or privately; they are all, each one of them, trend setters, mavericks, record holders and champions in the world of snowboarding.   

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    Name: Elise Riggs

    Nickname: Bombshell

    Nationality: Canadian

    Home Mountain: Cypress, Grouse, Seymour Mountains

    Bio: Even though she left The Tour, Elise refuses to leave snowboarding behind, much to the chagrin of her agent and insurers she still gets out to shred between film shoots and convention appearances. Elise has found a perfect balance in her life between acting and riding and she’s never been more content. Always searching for the next rush, Elise has recently been consumed by a new obsession: base-jumping with a wing-suit. Contour flying down a mountainside at 150km per hour delivers a rush unmatched by anything she could do on a snowboard alone and quickly Elsie realizes that she has to find a way to marry the two.





    Name: Mackenzie Fraser

    Nickname: Mac

    Nationality: American

    Home Mountain: Mount Baker

    Bio: Mac is a legend on The Tour, holding all records on the pro circuit, having done and won it all – but being as good as he is has meant that there is very little left to challenge him. He is the epitome of ‘Shredder’, loves big air, big tricks and pushing the limits of what is possible on a snowboard. He’s usually the first person to nail an impossible combo and stick the landing (think triple corkscrew guy from 2011 X-Games), and has invented more tricks than Tony Hawk. Always looking for new challenges, and to elevate his skills once again, Mac left The Tour behind to co-found SSX.












    Name: Kaori Nishidake

    Nickname: None

    Nationality: Japanese

    Home Mountain: Hokkaido

    Bio: In the beginning Kaori had designs on joining the Japanese Olympic Team, but once The Tour came knocking, she quickly changed gears and focused on snowboarding as a career. Kaori worked her way through The Tour rankings and quickly established herself as one of the best. While she was burning up the circuit on her snowboard, her older brother Akira was busy working on his latest creation: The Tokyo Megaplex Snowboard Park. And he wanted Kaori to be the first to ride it. The Megaplex was a love letter to urban snowboarding, and theme park nuts, but mostly Akira’s way of telling his little sister how proud he was of her.











    Name: Moby Jones

    Nickname: None

    Nationality: British / Trinidadian

    Home Mountain: Chamonix

    Bio: Moby Jones was born in Brixton, England in 1982 to Trinidadian immigrant parents. Growing up on the rough streets of Brixton meant growing up fast but Moby managed to find a way around that rule; at age ten he had a skateboard thrust into his hands. Moby took to the sport like a duck to water. He began entering into local skate competitions and found himself winning more often than not. After a short while he was picked up by a local skate shop and given his first taste of what sponsorship could offer. After that more lucrative deals started to flow in; he was making a name for himself and it was paying off in dividends.
















    Name: Psymon Stark

    Nickname: Sketchy

    Nationality: Canadian

    Home Mountain: Garibaldi back-country

    Bio: Psymon Stark was born in Squamish, British Columbia in 1974. His parents weren’t around much growing up so as a result, he rarely found much time for school, choosing instead to spend his time in Whistler snowboarding the backcountry during the winter and glacier climbing during the warmer months.

    When Psymon turned eighteen, he moved to Whistler fulltime and took a job working the graveyard shift as a groomer. Psymon did more damage to the runs with his cat than good, spending most of his time secretly building “kickers” all over the mountain so he and his friends could ride them the next day. This played havoc with newbie tourists and ski-school kids but made Psymon something of a legend in the circles that mattered. Off the mountain Psymon was the same kind of renegade. He was an animal. The all-night partying, the bar binges and the dust-ups were just fuel for the fire for Psymon. Nothing could slow him down. He fully embraced the bad-ass side of snowboarding culture and he very quickly started to build a name for himself with both local police and people on the pro snowboarding circuit.










    Name: Zoe Payne

    Nickname: Demon

    Nationality: American

    Home Mountain: Flat Top Mountain, West Virginia

    Bio: Zoe Payne was born in the rural outskirts of Baltimore, Maryland in 1983 and from a very early age she knew she liked to go fast. She latched onto anything that would put the wind in her hair, even managing to get her Big Wheel up to highway speeds on the hill outside her house. Zoe received her first pint sized dirt bike at age nine – and never looked back. Riding took over her life. Each birthday the bike got bigger, the riding got wilder. The only thing that ever got in the way – was winter. But Zoe discovered that snow offered up a different kind of riding. She flung herself headfirst into snowboarding. An instant natural she soaked up the culture and quickly honed her skills to become a formidable rider. Always looking to push herself, she tried her hand at some competitive riding and instantly laid waste to her fellow racers. Through sheer willpower and almost psychopathic determination, she landed herself a spot on The Tour and quickly became a dominating force in the world of professional snowboarding.















    Name: Griffin Simmons

    Nickname: King of the Mountains

    Nationality: American

    Home Mountain: Aspen

    Born American, and damn proud of it, Griffin Simmons is the preeminent pro snowboarder riding on The Tour today. He is an Olympic gold-medal winner in boarder cross and big-air and currently holds the title of “King of the Mountain” according to top snowboarding magazine Shredder. In the early days, as Griffin was coming up through The Tour, his driving determination to eke out his place was nicely balanced by certain humilities that bought him easy public adoration. He was an All-American kid just trying to do well, for him and the country he loved, but, as Griffin’s time on The Tour stretched on, any modesty he might have had began to spoil. Griffin was becoming his own biggest fan. The fortune and fame he was amassing was very quickly going straight to his head. He became consumed by the idea of being number one; of being the greatest. His expert skills as a snowboarder only worked to facilitate his insatiable hunger for the center podium. They gave him license to be an arrogant prick. If Griffin failed at that number one spot, whatever prize he won would go uncollected; because if he was accepting anything less than first place, he was accepting failure.















    Name: Tane Mumea

    Nickname: Hippie

    Nationality: Fijian

    Home Mountain: None

    Tane is the quintessential gypsy-surfer. His laid back ways and zest for life attitude have earned him a reputation for being one of the most personable and approachable people on the beach. But once he hits the waves in competition, Tane turns on his razor-sharp focus, tearing up the circuit. His penchant for pushing it to the limits on the water seems to betray his sage and carefree ways around the beach-fire, so much so, that often people find it hard to believe that the two are equal parts of the same person. It’s not the spotlight that Tane seeks out on the waves though; it’s the personal satisfaction he gets from connecting with the ocean and the adventure that it provides him. He’s never had much stomach for his celebrity status and over the years, as the sport of surfing has twisted into a competition of corporations, Tane’s taste for competitive riding has soured. He longs for the days when all that truly mattered was your skill on a surf board; not the size of your stock in a boardroom. Wanting to rid himself of this new wave of surfing, Tane has left the pro circuit to look for other ways to satisfy his hunger; something that speaks to his true self. Tane hooks up with friends, Zoe Payne and Mac Fraser to form SSX.















    Name: Alexis Moreau

    Nickname: The Chamonix Assassin

    Nationality: French

    Home Mountain: Chamonix, Mont Blanc, France

    Alexis Moreau was born in the Chamonix, Mont Blanc region of France in 1985 with the spirit of competition sewn into her DNA and coursing through her veins. Her grandfather Paul Moreau was a world class skier who led the French National Ski team to the first Winter Olympics in 1924 – held in the families own backyard of Chamonix. From a very early age, Alexis embraced her lineage and certain expectations that came with it. She was in skis when most children her age were still mastering the art of walking and by the time she’d entered grade school, the skiing trophies on her mantle outweighed the finger-paintings on the family fridge. But when Alexis entered high school she did something that caused quite a stir within the Moreau family; she traded in her skis for a snowboard and that was when she really started to turn heads. Alexis set her first record on Chamonix six months after first strapping on a snowboard. By the time she was sixteen she had set each and every record on Chamonix – and most of the surrounding mountains. Alexis knew she had found her calling.















    Name: Ty Thorsen

    Nickname: Lucky

    Nationality: Norwegian

    Home Mountain: Tromso, Norway

    Ty Thorsen is a Terrain park test rider who works for the professional snowboarding circuit known as The Tour. Ty sets up the boardercross and big-air runs, riding them to ensure that safety and regulations are adhered to prior to The Tour riders hitting them in competition. Growing up in the remote town of Tromso, Norway - known as the gateway to the Arctic - Ty began crafting his skill as a snowboarder at a very early age. His father was a helicopter pilot who worked for an adventure tour company ferrying boarders and skiers in and out of the Lyngen Alps - otherwise inaccessible mountains. As a result, Ty would spend countless hours on the mountain, shredding some of the most unspoiled terrain there was. Being one of the preeminent backcountry destinations on the planet, The Lyngen Alps drew in dozens of the world’s best riders. Pros from around the globe would descend on the area looking to get a taste of the unspoiled terrain experience. These pros were the people that Ty learned from. As Ty grew older he began to look at where he was headed in his life and what opportunities lay ahead. He loved snowboarding and knew that he wanted to do something with that but competition wasn’t in his nature; Ty was about the ride and the personal connection between rider and mountain.













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