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  • avatar What’s been going on in the Massive World of SSX? Posted by EA SPORTS at 09:51AM on Friday, October, 21, 2011

    SSX has been traveling quite a bit lately – from the Art of Flight Tour to NYC to London – SSX is making its rounds and has been wowing media and consumers alike. Coming out of the EA UK Winter Showcase Event we have some exciting news to share with you. First and foremost, we’ve released a new trailer called ‘Survive It’ which shows how you can – for the first time in franchise history – take on nine of the world's deadliest descents as you attempt to outrun avalanches, ride in total darkness, soar across huge gaps using a wingsuit, and much more. If you haven’t seen it, you can check out the trailer here.


    And, much to the delight of the SSX fans out there, we’ve announced a release date! SSX will come out on Valentine’s Day (02.14.12) in North America and 02.17.12 in the rest of the world. Have you pre-ordered yet? We have a bunch of really cool pre-order offers that you can view here (check out your regional SSX page for pre-order details outside of North America). We’ve also revealed the pack art for SSX and it features two of SSX’s most beloved characters – Mac Fraser and Elise Riggs.

    Finally, we’ve also partnered with X-Play on the G4 network to air the ‘Massive World’ Producer Video Series. In the series, SSX Creative Director Todd Batty and Environment Art Director Geoff Coates guide you through an exploration of the massive world of SSX. In the first video of the series, Todd and Geoff explain how real-world NASA topographical satellite data was used to create the base foundations for mountains, and take you on an in-game tour through 3 regions: the Himalayas, Alaska, and Siberia. You can watch the first video in the series here.

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    -Team SSX

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