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  • avatar Create Shots Like The Pros Posted by EA SPORTS at 06:55AM on Wednesday, January, 11, 2012

    Tiger Woods PGA TOUR, the world’s number one selling golf video game franchise will return with an array of exciting new features, including Kinect for Xbox 360 integration, an opportunity to experience Tiger’s golf legacy, online and social features, as well as a Collector’s Edition providing even greater access to the Masters Tournament and Augusta National Golf Club. Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 and Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13: The Masters Collector’s Edition, marks the 22ndseason for the EA SPORTS golf simulation video game franchise and will go on sale in North America on March 27 and worldwide on March 30, and be made available on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system.

    With the most comprehensive swing mechanic revamp in over a decade, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 will provide fans unprecedented control over their swing tempo, ball position and stance, allowing players to replicate countless swing combinations used by real-world PGA TOUR players. Coupled with complete integration with Kinect for Xbox 360, including voice-enabled controls, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 lessens the gap between the real world and virtual golf course experience.

    “Our fans asked us to deliver a new level of fidelity and authenticity to Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 and our team delivered with the ability to literally choose millions of shot combinations through our new swing mechanic,” said Mike Taramykin, vice president and general manager of Tiger Woods PGA TOUR. “Fans will now be able to experience unparalleled control on the virtual golf course.”

    “As the first of theEA SPORTS titles to feature Kinect for Xbox 360 integration in 2012, the controller-free and voice-enabled Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 experience will bring a whole new level of fun to fans worldwide,” said George Peckham, general manager, Global Publishing Group at Microsoft. “We look forward to continuing to work closely with EA SPORTS to deliver the most immersive and engaging sports gaming experiences, only on Xbox 360.”

    In addition to Kinect for Xbox 360 integration, EA SPORTS is providing fans with a fully immersive golf experience through all-new features such as Online Country Clubs, the chance to relive Tiger Woods’ memorable golf career accomplishments and the return of the pre-eminent tournament in all of golf – the Masters.

    Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13and The Masters Collector’s Edition include a number of features and enhancements that will make golfers feel as if they’re on the course, such as:  

    Total Swing Control: Taking its most significant leap forward in swing mechanics in over a decade, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 revolutionizes the virtual golf swing. Golfers will take full control over their swing with all-new tempo, swing plane and shot power controls along with an adjustable shot setup, allowing players to address the ball in a number of ways to create limitless shot types with just one club.

    22 Licensed Professional Golfers: Fans can take to the course with any one of 22 PGA TOUR golfers in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13, including Tiger Woods, 2011 US Open Champion Rory McIlroy, 2010 PGA TOUR Rookie of the Year Rickie Fowler and Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 US cover art finalist Bubba Watson. More details about the new golfers in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 will be revealed during the week of January 16.

    Kinect for Xbox 360 Integration: Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 will be the first-ever  Kinect for Xbox 360 sports simulation title, tracking full body movements to create the most advanced and authentic swing to date on the virtual golf course. Controller-free and voice-enabled controls provides for a unique, never-before-seen sports gaming experience. More details will be revealed about Kinect for Xbox 360 integration the week of January 24.

    PlayStation Move Integration: Improve your game with the true-to-life golf swing created for the PlayStation Move. Fans will once again be able to experience the authentic golf swing created by the PlayStation Move, allowing golfers to emulate their swing style as they drive the ball down the fairway or sink a 30-foot putt.

    Experience Tiger’s Golf Legacy: Relive first-hand Tiger Woods’ most memorable golf accomplishments as he rises from a child prodigy to golfing legend. More details will be revealed about the Tiger golf legacy feature the week of February 6.

    Online Country Clubs: In Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13, gamers will be able to invite friends to join their own exclusive country club and team up to gain quicker access to downloadable golf courses or compete against other club members for the coveted Club Championship.More details will be revealed about Online Country Clubs the week of February 20.

    The Masters Collector’s Edition Exclusives: The Collector’s Edition provides fans with the ultimate Masters experience. Fans that purchase the Collector’s Edition will receive all of the features in the standard edition game, as well as exclusive access to Augusta National Golf Club’s Tournament practice facility, Augusta National’s famous Par 3 Course, an authentic Green Jacket Presentation and a chance to explore the hallowed grounds like never before.

    The Collector’s Edition also comes packed with five additional championship courses in addition to the standard edition, allowing players to experience 21 of the world’s greatest golfing destinations.

    More details will be revealed about features exclusive to The Masters Collector’s Edition during the week of March 6.

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