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PUBLICADO POR Inka Vikman EL Apr 27, 2011

EA is hiring!

Quick fact check on testing jobs in the videogames industry: No, you don´t need a computer science degree to be able to do it. Yes, you do need a passion for gaming, great analytical skills, and a keen sense of observation. Yes, being fluent in English is a must, but being a native speaker of Czech, Swedish, Finnish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Mexican, Brazilian, Danish, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Portuguese or Arabic is actually a plus (being a fluent speaker totally counts). And yes, you do get to see, and thoroughly test, a lot of cool games before they are released, especially if you work for a major independent game developer and publisher like Electronic Arts.

And yes, there are positions available.

If you´re at least 18 years old and you´ve always been interested in joining the gaming industry but didn´t know where to start, this is your chance. EA´s offices in Madrid are looking for the next generation of fun, dedicated and skilled people to join our testing team. Check out our job opportunities portal (www.jobs.ea.com) for details and instructions on how to apply. We are looking forward to hearing from you!