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FIGHT NIGHT CHAMPION Feedback Session Oct 28-29

Survive the Brutal Road to Redemption

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  • avatar FIGHT NIGHT CHAMPION Feedback Session Oct 28-29 Posted by Alain Quinto at 07:44PM on Wednesday, November, 10, 2010

    As with previous feedback sessions, there will be information embargoes on main features in the game however the invites will get a chance to see the entire game and, in time, will be able to provide their own game and feature impressions.  Following the session, however, they will be given the opportunity to share info on their visit along with their overall impressions of the game along with a couple new screenshots to share.  Look for those next week.

    Representing the EA SPORTS FIGHT NIGHT Forums, a majority of our moderating staff will be on hand with Quenton “xxreignmakaaxx” O’Neal, Anthony, “Indigo72” Lynn, Nick “c45h” Rask, and Rob “wepeeler” Smith making the trip to Vancouver.  Ant also runs a website devoted to amateur boxing and you can find Rob’s awesome videos on his YouTube page at

    From Operation Sports, we’ll also have long-time forum member Derek “Phobia” Hernandez present to represent the rabid fans from the hardcore sports video game site.

    Finally, we put out a call on our forums for community members to let us know why they should receive an invitation to the event and after receiving quite a number of detailed responses, we selected Justin “TERMINALD” Allen as the community representative.  TERM is one of the top ranked players in the game and his skills will most definitely be put to use testing out gameplay aspects and we’ll be looking to see if we can get his thumbs up going forward.

    Stay tuned for my recap of the event and let us know in the comments below what you hope to see in FIGHT NIGHT CHAMPION!

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