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  • avatar Manny Does Dallas Posted by Jeff Atienza at 05:05PM on Wednesday, November, 10, 2010

    Only one man currently in professional sports can cause an entire country to come to a halt. That same man will halt Fight Night Champion’s Gameplay tuning and bug fixing for the night - That man is Manny Pacquiao!!

    Dallas Cowboy Stadium hasn’t had much excitement these days but this Saturday will be an entirely different story. One of boxing’s (and sport’s) biggest icons steps back into the ring for what looks to be one of his toughest challenges yet.

    On Saturday (yes we are working weekends to ensure this is a hit) after cranking Fight Night Champion’s fun factor to level 10, the Production Team (Brizzo, Mike, Jazz, Freddy & myself) decked out in MP Shirts (thanks Nike) will head into downtown Vancouver to watch Manny do his thing.

    While I’m not a gambling man - heck who am I trying to fool I’m Filipino of course I’m a gambling man, it’s in our blood. I’m willing to bet that Manny beats Margarito in 6 rounds. Manny puts Margarito on the canvas in the 3rd round with a vicious left hook and then finishes him off with another 2 knockdowns in the 6th is my prediction.

    Upon this destruction I will have to use my authority and make Brizzo (Brian Hayes) change Manny’s ratings in our game to all 100’s. This will all be tunable of course with the new ability to change boxers default ratings :)

    Like Pacquiao, I’m hoping Fight Night Champion will bring joy, peace and happiness to millions of people around the world. While Manny will surely entertain fans on Saturday night for 20 minutes or so, our goal is to bring hundreds of hours of entertainment to gamers with all of the new features and modes we are doing in Fight Night Champion.

    Look out for more info on our game coming in the next few weeks I promise.

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