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  • avatar Fight Night Champion Official Soundtrack Posted by Freddy Ouano at 02:36PM on Friday, February, 04, 2011
    The Roots_COVER.jpg

    Hey Fight Night Fans, this is Freddy Ouano, Audio Producer on Fight Night Champion. From commentary, to SFX, to music I worked with a very talented audio group here at EA Canada, to bring you a very visceral and authentic audio experience.


    Today, I am pleased to share with you the complete Fight Night Champion soundtrack listing, as well as an interview with Production duo- DJ Khaliland Chin


    When selecting music for Fight Night Champion, we were not only looking for great “fight music”, but also tracks that have that champion sound and reflect the tone and emotion of the all new Champion mode. This year we have 23 heavyweight  tracks, that all bring the energy, aggression, and “thump”, that you would expect hear in a Fight Night game.  And if the soundtrack doesn’t suit your taste in music, don’t forget that you can import your own music, create your own playlists and customize your ring entrance walks, menu music and training gym.  Still hungry for more music? Then check out the “Bonus tracks” menu, and there you will find over 30 additional songs to use- from Heavy metal, rock, traditional Mexican music to national anthems, it’s all there for your listening pleasure.


    From the soulful struggle sounds of Aloe Blacc’s “I Need a Dollar”, to the rock riffs of The Black Key’s “Sinister Kid”; the Fight Night Champion soundtrack brings the Champion sound. However, this time around, we knew that we needed something special for Champion Mode and  decided to team up with Philly –based group, The Roots, to create an exclusive version of their hit song “the Fire”. The result is a dramatic and emotional remix, filled with orchestral overtones and battle ready rhythms- which became the basis and inspiration of the scored movie scenes.


    And now I’d like to introduce you to production titans-  DJ Khalil and Chin. Who? DJ Khalil and Chin, producers of 5 unreleased songs on fight Night Champion, and who together have produced hits for Eminem, 50 cent, the Clipse and many more. Don’t let who they’ve produced music for, fool you, they aren’t your typical hip hop producers, they bring a whole new style and sound to their music and are true artists at their craft. With every song they bring a ton of flavor, energy and as Chin puts it- “boom-smack” to Fight Night Champion!



    Whether people know it or not, they have heard your music, but please introduce yourselves, and let the world know your background and what artists you’ve produced music for?


    DJ Khalil -My name is DJ Khalil and I am a staff producer for Dr. Dre (Aftermath Records) based in Los Angeles. I have produced music for Eminem, Dr. Dre, Jay Z, 50 Cent, Drake, Fabolous, The Game, The Clipse, etc.


    Chin - Hey everyone my name is Chin.  I’m from Toronto, Canada.  Back in the day I had a group called Bass is Base and I still do my thing as a solo artist to this day.  Now I live on the west coast of Canada and work out of a studio in Gastown, Vancouver. I’ve produced and done remixes for a bunch of Canadian artists from Esthero to Hot Hot Heat.  With Khalil, I’ve produced and done work for the Clipse, 50 Cent and Eminem among others.


    How long have you been producing music together and how did you meet?


    DJ Khalil -I met Chin through our manager Greg Johnson in LA. We have been working together since 2007. 


    Chin –Wow. 2007…time flies!


    Early on in the production of Fight Night Champion, we always felt that your sound really fit with the feel and look of the game; how would you best describe the sound of DJ Khalil and Chin?


    DJ Khalil -We have so many different influences musically. I would say our music has some aggression but still melodic. There are different genres represented in our music such as rock, reggae, soul, etc.


    Chin -I would describe it probably as “boom-smack”…lol.  Has the boom-bap cause Khalil’s drums are the craziest there is!  Then we smack you across the face with real instrumentation and strong arrangements which can get influence from Prog Rock to Reggae. I believe we really approach production from the standpoint of making songs and not “beats”.


     Chin, you currently live and work in Vancouver, BC, while DJ Khalil, you live in LA, please explain your creative process and collaboration, while working in 2 separate cities?


    DJ Khalil – We visit each other because we like to work in the same room. We also email ideas to each other frequently. Chin will send guitar and bass parts and I will put them together, then I send it back with drums and other sounds. Again we prefer to be in the same room though.


    Chin –Exactly. Working through the internet is cool but the real magic happens when we’re in a room together. We also have some great fam contributing such as Danny Keys and Alastair who were both on the songs selected for the new Fight Night game.   When I get down to L.A. or if he comes up to Vancouver we bang out as many songs as possible.  The chemistry we have makes things easy.


    How does it feel to now be a part of the sound that makes up Fight Night Champion? 


    DJ Khalil -It's really cool to be involved with this game because we are boxing fans. We're excited that our sound will provide a backdrop for Fight Night Champion.


    Chin -FIGHT NIGHT is just one of those games!  Like Madden is to football, there is no boxing game like FIGHT NIGHT period. I feel like our music matches the energy plus to many our sound is something different and fresh and from what I hear this new Fight Night will be on some next level.


    Out all the boxers in Fight Night Champion roster, who will you be playing the most?


    DJ Khalil –MIKE TYSON!


    Chin –When I’m around the game I leave it up to the pros and watch them duke it out.  My manager is a Filipino dude and likes to fight with Pacquiao.  He really  uses him with pride and when he loses it’s like he let down Manny and his country! Pac-man is dope in real life and in a video game!


    Who’s your favorite boxer of all time?


    DJ Khalil –Muhammad Ali


    Chin –Same. Muhammad Ali.  Poetry…He was like music.  Just flowed and of course he had that swagger about him. 


    If you could choose any song to use, as your boxers ring entrance music, which song would you pick?

    DJ Khalil –"Won’t Back Down" by Eminem.


    Chin -I would use “Let your Backbone Slide” by my good friend Maestro (Fresh Wes).  Hip-hop heads and definitely all my Canadian peeps know this track!  It’s classic and has that battle energy to it!


    What’s next for DJ Khalil and Chin?


    DJ Khalil -Working on Dr. Dre's Detox, Nas, Snoop, Eminem, etc. Also we will be putting out our own projects in the near future.


    Chin –Yup, 2011 is shaping up great for us! Besides making things happen with Khalil I have a music company called The Hastings Set.  We do different things from developing artists and producers, to teaching and mentorship programs, to creating a social enterprise which fundraises for disaster relief. That’s my part-time gig…making music is full-time.


    Soundtrack List


    “I Need A Dollar” Performed by Aloe Blacc


    “The Loser Wins” Performed by Atmosphere


    “Round Of Applause” Performed by Black Milk


    “Old Ways” Performed by Chiddy Bang


    “Meanstreak (In 3 Parts)” Performed by El-P


    “I’m The Best (Funky Fresh In The Flesh)” Performed by Lyrics Born


    “The Problem Is…” Performed by Murs and 9th Wonder feat. Sick Jordan and Uncle Chucc


    “I Wanna Jam” Performed by N.E.R.D.


    “Keep Shining” Performed by Shad


     “Sinister Kid” Performed by The Black Keys


    “How I Got Over”, “The Fire”, and “The Fire (Orchestral Mix)” Performed by The Roots


    “Intro” Performed by Tinie Tempah


    “Make Your Move” Performed by Thunderball feat. Mustafa Akbar


    “China”, “Live 4 Tomorrow”and “Organ Man” Written by Khalil Abdul Rahman, Pranam Injeti and Daniel Tanenbaum.  Produced by DJ Khalil & Chin


    “Running Thru” Written by Khalil Abdul Rahman, Pranam Injeti and Alastair Waithe. Produced by DJ Khalil & Chin


    “Red” Written by Khalil Abdul Rahman and Pranam Injeti. Produced by DJ Khalil & Chin


    “Quixotic”, “Sesquapedalian”and “Stentorian” Performed and written by Konrad Old Money


    Photos: © Tiffany May Photography 2011.

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