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  • avatar Tuner Set Update for 4/27 Posted by Brian Hayes at 05:04PM on Tuesday, April, 26, 2011

    Greetings Fight Night peoples. A quick update for you on the upcoming release of a new Tuner Set for Fight Night Champion. The update should go live in the wee early tomorrow morning (10AM-GMT 04/27/2011). Since this is the first iteration of Fight Night that has supported gameplay updates via tuner sets, the process of creating and testing them is something entirely new the team and something we hope to become more efficient at in the future.

    The primary focus of this tuner set has been to address the effectiveness of jab-spamming. Without going into nitty gritty details, the goal has been to make jab spamming harder to do and a less effective strategy for winning a round. It isn’t as easy to string multiple jabs together, they do less damage, offset the opponent’s punches less and cost more stamina. In addition to addressing the jabspam issue, we also:

    -  updated the base chin level so that newly created boxers in OWC are less susceptible to stuns than before. They will still need to be careful in a fight against a highly rated opponent, but starting out as a newbie won’t be the handicap it was previously.

    -  increased the effect of low stamina on toughness and power. If a boxer gasses themselves out, there punches are less effective and they are more susceptible to incoming fire.

    -  no longer turn straight punches into hooks at close range.

    As always, we look forward to getting your feedback on the forums. The team has been reduced to a skeleton crew for live support, so even though we don’t have a ton of time to post regularly on the boards, we are looking at your feedback and trying to turn it into results.



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