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Survive the Brutal Road to Redemption

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  • avatar Who's next after Pacman retires from boxing? Posted by Alain Quinto at 07:47PM on Friday, December, 03, 2010

    Tonight Manny Pacquiao fights Tony Margarito for the vacant WBC Super Welterweight Championship in Dallas, TX where he last beat Joshua Clottey a few months back.  As a Pacman supporter, I’m firmly behind my fellow countryman in his quest for an 8th division title and should be the better of the two combatants in Texas Stadium.  Just like Jeff mentioned in his blog the other day, we Filipinos are gambling folk and there’s nothing I like better than a sure thing.  There’s no doubt in my mind that this one’s a sure thing.

    Manny’s Last Fight?

    Pacquiao will be fighting over 147 for the first time while Margarito will step in the ring for only his second bout in the weight class, the first being in a fight I’m sure he’d rather not ever have mentioned again.  Manny looks to add to his legacy while Tony looks to redeem his.

    It’ll be speed and accuracy versus endurance and power as Margarito’s chin will resist a bit of the punishment bound to fly at him in the way of right jabs, left crosses, and right hooks.  Margarito will stalk Pacquiao around the ring as his longer punch will continually be avoided and followed by counters.  There will be times where he will catch the smaller fighter on the ropes or in the corner and get in a few heavy shots, but for the most part his aggressive style will have him walking into punches from directions he will never have known possible.  I’m predicting Pacman gets the TKO in the seventh after putting Tony down for the third time in the round.

    Manny and his people know this is a good fight for him and though many will call for the immediate signing of Manny and Mayweather once again, it’s very unlikely that’ll happen, IMO.  A lot has been said about Manny’s side projects between fights and even during training for fights.  There’s nothing he won’t do for his people however with a legacy stamped with 50+ wins and eight titles in eight weight classes, it will be time for him to hang up the gloves and devote his time to other endeavors.  He has said himself that he has already accomplished everything he has ever wanted to from within the ring.  His life in boxing has been a storied one and though it won’t continue in arenas fighting for titles, his legacy will grow as he blazes a new trail to become the Filipino president one day.

    His departure from boxing will leave behind a void for a new Champion to take the helm.

    Are You Next?

    Only the future knows who will rise from the mediocre to become the next big thing in the actual squared-circle.  In the virtual one, however, EA SPORTS Fight Night Champion will have you looking to be the next one to overcome adversities in and out of the ring.  If you haven’t yet seen the trailer, check it out below and read their write-up here: IGN - Fight Night Champion Preview.  We are only a few months away from the launch of one of the most anticipated games of 2011.

    Early Impressions

    Recently at EA Canada, we hosted the Fight Night Champion Community Event and brought in a handful of boxing enthusiasts to get an early look at the game and to provide their input into the development of the next iteration.  Here are some of their overall impressions:

    “I am very excited about what we saw and got to put our hands on. I think many people will be really surprised.  Fight Night Champion really impressed me and left me wanting more.” Derek Hernandez aka Phobia, Operation Sports.

    “I can say with a strong confidence that I am truly enjoying the direction the team is taking.” Ant Lynn aka Indigo72, EA SPORTS Fight Night Forums.

    “As a hardcore Fight Night/Boxing fan, I think a very dominate majority of the people who buy the game when it comes out will definitely be pleased.” Justin Allen aka TERMINALD, EA SPORTS Fight Night Forums.

    “Playing Fight Night champion for approximately 16 hours gave me one of the most realistic experiences I’ve had with boxing since I stepped away from the real ring five years ago.” Quenton O’Neal aka xxreignmakaaxx, EA SPORTS Fight Night Forums.

    “We came into this event with your Wish List printed, primed and sealed for Brizzo and Mahar, and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised to not have to deliver it.” Rob Smith aka wepeeler, EA SPORTS Fight Night Forums.

    “This game is so addictive, realistic and compelling it is truly like no other boxing game ever made. With the greatest respect, it blows FNR4 out of the water.” Anthony Vretenar aka vretz2121, EA SPORTS Fight Night Forums.

    “This game has set the bar not just for the Series or boxing games, but I have a feeling it’s going to raise standards in other sports titles as well.” c45h Nick Rask, EA SPORTS Fight Night Forums.

    ­­Look out for more impressions from these guys along with early reviews that should be hitting the wire next week.  We plan on releasing a handful of videos next month revealing the story behind the new Champion Mode in the game.  However, we will need your help to do that.  Become a fan of the Fight Night Champion Facebook Fanpage and keep an eye on the Champion Tab for the first task that we will be asking fans to do in order to unlock the first of five Champion Mode reveal videos.  Follow us on Twitter @EASFightNight and @sk88z.


    So if you’re wagering on the fight, you’re going want to put your money on Manny.  Once you collect your winnings after he floors Tony in seven, put a few of those dollars down and pre-order Fight Night Champion.

    Next to Manny, it’s your next best bet that’s sure to pay off­­.

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