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  • avatar GST2 Grand Slams Blog Posted by Thomas Singleton at 06:04PM on Tuesday, December, 20, 2011

    Hey Tennis fans!

    It’s  me again Thomas Singleton, Producer on EA SPORTS Grand Slam®  Tennis 2 and I’m very excited to be reminding you of its upcoming release on  Xbox 360® and PlayStation®3.

    You can now swing the racquet like a Grand® Slam champion in full HD featuring the all-new Total Racquet Control, PRO AI , PlayStation® Move controls and so much more.   Today I wanted to share a little info with all of you about one of the reasons EA SPORTS Grand Slam® Tennis 2 is so unique.

    One of the biggest stories we have for you this year is the opportunity to bring you to Wimbledon, exclusively available in EA SPORTS Grand Slam® Tennis 2.  We’ve captured the journey of ALL four major tournaments, from the early rounds on the outer courts to the final showdown on center court. You will feel, see and hear the difference from venue to venue and tournament to tournament as we’ve included every detail you can imagine.

    Each of the four majors within EA SPORTS Grand Slam® Tennis 2 is as unique as they are in real life. Our team travelled abroad to watch these amazing tournaments, and capture the experience within each of the venues. We witnessed it all, from the High Fashion days at Roland Garros in Paris, to the American Glitz and Glamour in New York at the US Open.

    We didn’t end our Grand Slam ® experience with just the creation of Centre Courts for each of the venues. Tennis is much more than just the matches on centre court. Tennis is about the journey within a tournament that spans several weeks as you travel from the outer courts, into the more prestigious center courts. Each step of the way the pressure and prize increasing.

    When playing at the exclusive Wimbledon grounds, in EA SPORTS Grand Slam® Tennis 2, you can choose to play at the brand new remodeled Court Number 3, on the Court Number 1, or on Centre Court, where royalty could be sitting at any moment.

    From clay, to hard court to grass, each of the surfaces and their impact on the ball and the players has been captured in EA SPORTS Grand Slam® Tennis 2. On the clay your paths will leave a trail as you slide from one shot to the next, while on the grass the ball will bounce a little lower and faster making each game from one court to the next that much more unique and special.

    With the exclusivity of Wimbledon to round out all four majors, EA SPORTS Grand Slam® Tennis 2 is the only place you can win a Grand Slam ® championship, other than on the tour itself.

    Thanks for reading!




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