Alice: Madness Returns for iPhone, and iPad


Alice: Madness Returns for iOS is an interactive storybook that bridges the story between American McGee’s Alice and Alice: Madness Returns for the PlayStation3 and Xbox 360.

Interactive elements and animations bring the madness to life in a story that will take the reader on an unforgettable journey down the rabbit hole.

  • Overview
    • Follow Alice’s journey through Rutledge Asylum in all-new prequel story, crafted by the original writer of American McGee’s Alice.
    • Visions of madness come to life through interactive elements and animations.
    • Features hauntingly beautiful art from the visionary team behind Alice: Madness Returns.
    • Discover hidden symbols to unlock treasures from Wonderland.
    • Grin for the Cheshire Cat with smile recognition for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 2.
    • Share a piece of Wonderland with your friends through Facebook and Twitter integration.