MONOPOLY Here & Now World Edition for Mobile


Build a real estate empire on your phone!

Play MONOPOLY Here & Now, the world popular Hasbro board game - now updated with a modern twist. Buy and sell properties like Waikiki Beach, Fenway Park and more. Dynamic animated tokens include a hybrid car, a mobile phone, and a labradoodle. Use simple controls to roll the dice, move, and keep score. Demonstrate your trading savvy as you buy, sell, and put your MONOPOLY competitors out of business. Pass 'n play with up to four players - compete to win all the cash!

  • Overview
    • Play solo against the computer or pass 'n play with friends
    • Adjustable difficulty levels makes the game suitable for all skill levels
    • One-thumb, D-Pad control scheme appeals to casual players
    • Combination board view allows you to see the whole board and individual properties
    • Intuitive Manage Properties tool uses top-down view of game board
    • Buy and sell popular properties like Fenway Park and Waikiki beach