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  • avatar Howdy there Jammers! Posted by Cody Sawatsky at 06:29PM on Wednesday, September, 14, 2011

    Howdy there Jammers!


    This is Cody, Producer for NBA JAM: On Fire Edition. Wanted to take some time to fill you in about what we’ve got planned for Online in NBA JAM: On Fire Edition.



    Making sure people are connected to eachother was one of our main goals with NBA JAM: On Fire Edition. To make sure you always feel connected to your friends and other Jammers, we created JAMnet. JAMnet is an integrated set of leaderboards that are designed to show you how you are playing in relation to your friends and the world. It will show you a range of stats, mostly centered around Arena, and hopefully give you and your friends a little something extra to compete over. We even put this into Road Trip, our campaign mode. There it will track your Victory Margin, how much you won by, and compare that to all your friends. So beating the AI isn’t enough, you have to beat your buddies beating the AI to really be on top!



    This is our main competitive online mode. Arena is a dynamic, online weekly ladder tournament that you can play solo or co-op. Every week the Arena Clock starts up again and ticks down to zero. You have until the clock hits zero to get as many wins as possible. This will fill the meter on the Arena tracker. Every time you fill it you will get a medal; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond. The highest medal you earn will be displayed on your Jam Card for the world to see. Every time you repeat that rank a multiplier will appear beside it, so you know that DiamondX2 is way better than just Diamond J


    Arena Challenges

    To make things even more interesting we’ve added a set of Arena-specific challenges. These will have HUGE JAM Buckpayouts, get youto level-up faster, and put more JAM Bucks in your pocket to buy unlocks.

    There are 3 types of Arena Challenges: Friends, Co-op, and VS.

    -          Friends challenges are the sum total of your WHOLE friends list. To complete these challenges faster and easier, make sure you have a bunch of friends who are playing JAM! You can finish these challenges just by being friends with awesome players!

    -          Co-op challenges are specific to people playing co-op. This means that progress towards these challenges will only count when you and a buddy are tearing it up online in Arena against other Jammers.

    -          Finally VS. is all about you against the world. Progress on these challenges will only be counted when you are lone wolfing it, so make sure you’re laying it down!


    JAM Now

    Finally JAM Now is where you’re going to go to experiment with new teams and play around with your buddies. Think “Play Now” crossed with “JAM Party” from last year’s game. Play with up to 3 friends with whatever settings and gameplay tweaks you want. Wanna play with Big Head mode, Disco Lights and No Goaltending? JAM Now is the place to do it!



    Of course you can play Road Trip online co-operatively with a friend as well, but Road Trip is a whole different blog post in itself! I hope that answers some questions and gets all you guys excited to get your hands on NBA JAM: On Fire Edition when it hits this Oct. 4th on PSN for $14.00 and Oct. 5th on XBLA for 1200 Microsoft Points!


    Until then, see you online!


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