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  • avatar Unlocking the Unlocks! Posted by Cody Sawatsky at 03:52PM on Wednesday, September, 28, 2011

    Ok everyone, gather round. It’s secret time.


    Secrets and unlockables are an essential seasoning in the NBA JAM recipe. Well let’s just say that for NBA JAM: OFE, we kind of over-seasoned.


    What can I unlock?

    -          Legendary players.

    o   There are over 40 in the game, at least 1 for every team. Also, every team with a Mascot will have one in the game. We have also included a couple special characters on every team to make sure that even if you favorite team isn’t the best, you’ll be able to represent online.

    -          Secret Teams

    o   Over 25 secret teams will be in the game. We’ve got NBA players mixed and matched to focus on a particular style of play. We’ve got some deep EA stuff in there that I’ll be surprised if anyone figures out where they’re from. We’ve got Divisional Mascot teams, Beastie Boys, Stickmen, Honey Badgers, and best of all the NBA Street crew.

    -          Privileges

    o   Customize your game experience however you want. Visual filters, custom balls, crazy rules, all yours to own and command.

    -          Titles, Background, and Icons

    o   Customize you JAM Card to reflect your personal style and personality. This is your presence online so make sure when people see it you leave an impression.


    But how do I get all this awesome stuff? Lemme tell ya, it ain’t secret codes kid. 2 words: JAM Bucks. You’ve probably heard about JAM Bucks before if you’ve seen the producer vids or read the blog entries. Every game you complete you’ll get some. You get them for completing JAM Challenges, picking up doubles, and literally dozens of other in-game actions. These are both XP and Cash. That means you earn them to level up, which will unlock stuff, and then use the same points to buy stuff from the JAM Store so you can use it in-game. Simple!


    As soon as you play the game, you’ll be leveling up from the get-go. Start at level 1, and progress all the way up to 50. That’ll take you a bit of time, trust me on this, but you’ll also be getting access to those sweet sweet unlocks all the way along. Don’t care about a particular legend or secret team? Totally cool. Just don’t buy it! Save those hard earned Jam Bucks for the gear you care about, your time is never wasted in NBA JAM: OFE.


    When you first start up the game, got to JAM Central and look at the JAM Store. Browse through all the cool stuff in there and get an idea of you want to unlock. Make sure you are customizing your JAM Card and showing off to everyone online, and on your couch. There are a bunch of unlocks tied to completing certain number of actions: Blocks, Razzle Dazzle shots, 3-Pointers, etc… so look for what you think is cool and check the details on it. It may be something you can get right away that nobody else is going to have. With all the options available for the JAM Card, no 2 will ever be alike.





    Ok, so how do you maximize JAM Bucks?


    1)      Pay attention to your JAM Challenges.

    a.       When you complete one of these you’ll see the green “Challenge Complete!” appear under the score. Completing the challenges pay out HUGE JAM Bucks, especially at higher levels. There are 25 of these, so there will be a few that suit your play style for sure. They will only count things you do in Arena and Road Trip though, so don’t think you’re gonna get easy points!

    2)      Play Arena.

    a.        Arena challenges change every week, are much shorter than JAM Challenges and pay out almost as big. In fact, if you have friends that play you can earn JAM Bucks without playing a game with the Friendslist challenges.


    a.       Every online game you complete in a row will give you a progressively larger completion bonus until you hit max payout. Quit a game or DNF and your completion bonus counter resets. DON’T BE A QUITTER!

    4)      Other Bonuses

    a.       Finishing a game with Random Team will give you an extra bonus. Playing with a co-op buddy will give you a bonus, and may have some effect on JAM Challenge payouts. Explore the game and pay attention to the Match Rewards screen at the end of a game!


    Well friends, I hope that has helped. Keep those tips in mind and you’ll be balling with the NBA Street Team and have the slickest JAM Card on the block in no time. See you in the Arena!


    -          Cody Out!

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