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  • avatar See what's cooking in JAMLAND Posted by Trey Smith at 01:22PM on Thursday, August, 04, 2011

    Sup Jammers!

    Trey here. Wanted to give ya’ll some more details on what we’ve got cooking in JAMLAND. With the On Fire Edition of NBA JAM, the goal was to add lots of new ingredients to the mix without screwing up the tried and true recipe we’ve all come to know and love. Here is some more info on some of the things you guys and gals have been asking about.

    New Secret Characters, Players, and Teams – Yup, we’ve got LOTS of them. In fact, I do believe we have the most teams and players that have ever been feature in an NBA JAM game. Take that Sega Genesis version! Just kiddin’, love my old school versions. Anyway, we circled back around and scooped up many of the current stars that didn’t make the cut last year, for whatever reasons, and have done a better job of evening things out for each team. We’ve also added a handful of NEW legends that were missing last year. Hopefully, you’ve already seen Dikembe Mutombo rocking the retro Nuggets jersey. He’s a MONSTER dunker and blocker by the way. And there are many more legendary Jammers in the hopper.  Also, based on surveys and online telemetry data we’ve collected from players of last year’s version, we’ve noticed that there are many JAM Fans out there that are Gamers first and basketball fans second. A good chunk of the Secret players and teams we ran with last year are back and have been cleaned up, but there are a BUNCH more. We’ve added more “gamer-centric” teams and players this go around. I wish I could spill the beans on them to you guys right now but the “powers that be” have told me I have to wait. I will however, give you a hint. Let’s just say there is going to be a lot more fur flying on the court this go around. And for the “hardcore” gamers out there, you know who you are, we’ve got some of your favorite video game characters making an appearance in NBA JAM this year. Very cool stuff and we’ve even created some special dunks for some of them. Okay, I’ve probably said too much already, but just wanted to let you know that there are Players and Teams for every gamer out there, even non basketball fans.


    New Player archetypes – This was a big one for us. Just as in real life, players have a role to play on the NBA JAM court based on their inherent abilities and weaknesses. Checking out your player and team stats is critical when playing competitively because you want make sure you can match up against the players your opponent is putting on the floor. From a competitive gameplay perspective, NBA JAM has always been a 2 vs. 2 fighting game. If you don’t know how to play your characters you’re just asking for a spanking.   Basically, based on their real stats, we’ve assigned every player (Current Star, Legend, and Secret player) an Archetype. Those archetypes are as follows.

    Point Guard

    Examples:  Jason Kidd, Rajon Rondo

    Strengths – Speed, Passing, Mid-range shooting, Ball handling, Steals

    Weaknesses – Blocks, Shoves, and Dunks


    Shooting Guard

    Examples: Steve Nash, Ray Allen

    Strengths – Outside Shooting, Passing

    Weaknesses – Dunks, Blocks, Shoves


    Big Man

    Examples: Dwight Howard, Shaquille O’Neil

    Strengths – Blocks, Dunks, Rebounds

    Weaknesses – Speed, Ball handling, Outside Shooting



    Examples:  Chris Bosh, Zach Randolph

    Strengths – Mid-range Shooting, Shoves, Rebounds

    Weaknesses – Steals, Pass, Speed



    Examples: Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitzki 

    Strengths – Balanced

    Weaknesses – Balanced


    Most are pretty self explanatory, but there are big differences in each archetype and it’s integral that you are familiar with each archetype’s strengths and weaknesses if you want to be able to roll with every team. There is also a juicy XP BONUS in NBA JAM: On Fire Edition for players that hit the “Random Team” button before entering a game. This feature was implemented to encourage people to play with ALL the teams on the roster because anyone can win with The Heat but it takes a true Jammer to pull off a W with some of the other franchises that are well…. in the process of “rebuilding.” J


    And lastly, we’ve been getting lots of questions about “REAL AI” and how it makes NBA JAM better. Well, I could tell you myself, but I thought it would be even better for you guys to hear it from the man that is directly responsible for it, our Lead AI Engineer, Mr. Fraser Lott. Fraze is knee deep in a tuning pass right now, but some day very soon, he will be right HERE dropping some REAL AI knowledge, exclusively on our website. Be sure to keep an eye out for it.

    Until next time, thanks again for stopping by and we hope to see you again real soon.




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