Need for Speed World


Hit the streets in this free online racing game. Play against thousands of drivers from around the globe in multiplayer races or test your abilities in solo events. Win races to earn cash and upgrades for your ride or simply cruise through the ever-expanding world. Purchase and customize your fleet of cars to bring them to top-notch performance and chat about your ride and races with fellow drivers.

  • Overview
    • Join Racers Worldwide 24/7 – Connect with your friends to share stats, compare rankings, and join in races.
    • Build Your Dream Garage – Buy rides from the constantly updated car list, and add personal touches with custom paints and parts.
    • Choose Your Route – Enter two race types, Circuit, which consists of several laps, and Sprint, which requires drivers to travel from point A to point B.
    • Powerups – Use your earned or purchased Powerups to say ahead of the pack with special powers, such as increased car speed and weight.
    • Driver Skills – Level up your driver to earn Driver Skill points and gain bonus abilities. The type of Driver Skill you select depends on your racing style; there are three categories to choose from, Race, Pursuit, and Explore.
    • Challenge Authority – Enter a Pursuit by ramming a police vehicle. The only to end a Pursuit is by successfully avoiding the cops. The longer the Pursuit continues, the higher the reward is for success and the higher the price is for being caught.
  • All Platforms
    This title is rated Everyone 10+ for:
    • Mild Suggestive Themes
    • Mild Violence
    • Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB