Dr Ray Muzyka

  • Dr Ray Muzyka

    POSTED BY Dr Ray Muzyka ON Dec 15, 2011Be the first to comment

    Star Wars: The Old Republic Is Almost Live

    With less than one week to go until the December 20, 2011 launch of the biggest game BioWare has ever developed, the team worldwide is working hard day and night to ensure Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ delivers a truly new experience to the MMO space.

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  • Dr Ray Muzyka

    POSTED BY Dr Ray Muzyka ON Aug 11, 20116 comments

    Dragon Age Legends Comes To Google +

    I’m very pleased to announce that Dragon Age Legends is available today on Google+! At BioWare, we’re always looking for opportunities to bring our franchises to a wider audience, whether it’s through movies, comics, novels or through extending our games to different platforms. Our teams continue to innovate in the social gaming space with Dragon Age Legends – providing our existing fans a new way to enjoy the universe of Dragon Age, while also introducing the franchise to millions of new players on Google+ and Facebook

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