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Countdown to Blitz


Week 1: NFL Blitz Overview

NFL Blitz is back! Get inside information straight from the source about what's new in this first-ever HD digital download version of the legendary arcade game.


NFL Blitz is Back!

NFL Blitz

It's hard to believe that it's been almost a decade since there's been an NFL licensed version of Blitz out on store shelves. I can't begin to express how awesome it is to finally have the opportunity to talk to you all about this game and everything we've been doing for the past year and a half. Read More »

Week 2: NFL Blitz Art Style and Concept

Learn how NFL Blitz art director, Tony Stanley, and his team preserved the essence of the original NFL Blitz, while bringing a new flair to the HD version of the game.


Blitz Art

NFL Blitz

Hey there NFL Blitz fans! I'm Tony Stanley, art director for NFL Blitz, and I'm excited to share with you key information regarding the visual aspects of the new game. In terms of the art direction, we made a concerted effort to pay homage to the original title, while ensuring that the look of the game was significantly upgraded for the current high definition era. Read More »

Week 3: NFL Blitz Feature Deep Dive - Blitz Gauntlet

The NFL Blitz development team takes a deep dive into the ultimate single-player challenge: Blitz Gauntlet. Learn everything you need to know about this multi-tiered mode, including how to earn unlockable fantasy characters.


Blitz Gauntlet

NFL Blitz

Hey guys, NFL Blitz designer Yuri Bialoskursky here again, this time to talk to you all about fantasy characters! How can you not love these guys?! It seems like just yesterday that we were all sitting in a conference room having a meeting about them. Clearly, this wasn't anything like our normal snooze-fest meetings about schedules, hours or reviewing workflows. Read More »

Week 4: NFL Blitz Feature Deep Dive - Blitz Battles

Get a great grasp on the Battle Boards so you can prep yourself to reach the Blitz Hall of Fame.


Blitz Battles

NFL Blitz

Competition and the desire to win is something that I think is ingrained into most people who play video games. Whether it's playing head-to-head against another person or trying to get around a track as fast as possible, winning makes us feel good and often times provides us with a sense of accomplishment. People need competition to validate their skills and watching your name move up a leaderboard is one way to fulfill that competitive need. Read More »

Week 5: NFL Blitz Feature Deep Dive - Co-Op & Blitz Teams

Meet the next generation of NFL Blitz – immersive online game modes that take the rivalry experience to a whole new level.


Blitz Gauntlet

NFL Blitz

Last week we talked about Blitz Battles and how you can earn ranking points to move up the Battle Boards by playing head-to-head games. This week, we'll dive into our cooperative gaming options which include the second half of the Blitz Battles mode, Blitz Teams, as well as our second online mode, Online Co-Op. Read More »

Week 6: NFL Blitz Feature Deep Dive - Elite League

Hear from the best on how to create and shape a team into the perfect squad of ultimate players. Get tips on how to give your team the competitive edge by acquiring and using Power Ups to further your advantage on the field and through the winner-takes-all Risk and Reward game.


NFL Blitz Elite League

NFL Blitz

Elite League is the deepest, and my favorite, of our new online modes. It allows you to build your team from the ground up and decide what you feel is best equipped to make your team successful for the long haul. Read More »

Week 7: Blitz Store - Unlockables, Power Ups & More

Discover the treasures that await in the Blitz Store, including unlockables, Power Ups and even the beautiful NFL Blitz cheerleaders!


The Blitz Store

NFL Blitz

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, 2-day sales, whatever the case may be, people are lined up and ready to spend their hard earned cash on cool stuff for both their loved ones and themselves. Luckily, in NFL Blitz you won't have to spend a dime (outside of initially buying the game, of course!) in order to enjoy your very own shopping spree in our Blitz Store. Read More »

Week 8: NFL Blitz Audio

Go inside the two-man booth to meet past NFL Blitz play-by-play announcer, Tim Kitzrow, along with actor Brian Haley. The perfect pair to voice NFL Blitz, Kitzrow and Haley's humorous commentary augments the over-the-top arcade football experience. Plus, learn all about the NFL Blitz music and exactly how all of the audio comes together.


NFL Blitz Audio

NFL Blitz

Hi, I’m Brad Lippman, Audio Designer for NFL Blitz, here today to talk about Commentary, Sound Design and Music in NFL Blitz. Working with the Audio Director, Jesse James Allen we created the next gen version of audio for NFL Blitz. Read More »

Week 9: NFL Blitz - Gameplay Tips

Get expert gameplay tips straight from the development team to ensure you're on top of your game.


NFL Blitz Gameplay

NFL Blitz

Gameplay is the heart of NFL Blitz. So when we started putting the gameplay together, we knew we had to get it right. It took a lot of code, a lot of play time, and maybe a few curses, but the end result is true to the old series while bringing a new feel to the game. When you play it, you can’t help but know that this is NFL Blitz! Read More »

Week 10: NFL Blitz - Animations

Go inside NFL Blitz from the animators perspective to learn how they bring the players and characters to life on the gridiron.

NFL Blitz Animations

NFL Blitz

Flying through the air, crashing to the ground, diving, spinning—animations 'make it happen.' Hi this is Glenn Royer, lead animator for NFL Blitz. If you've played Madden NFL or NCAA football but are new to Blitz, you'll notice instantly that the action moves very fast, and the players have a penchant for becoming airborne. Blitz animations are fast, powerful, and sometimes crazy. Today it'll be my pleasure to bring you Blitz's "greatest hits".

Read More »

Week 11: Yesterday to Today

Take a look back at the classic NFL Blitz franchise. Reminisce on the good old days and celebrate the new era. Take a ride with us: from then 'til now.

More Information Coming December 26!

Week 12: NFL Blitz is on the Way

Check out what the world has to say about the all-new NFL Blitz!

More Information Coming January 3!


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