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Shank is once again forced to go on the offensive.

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  • avatar Shank 2 Carves Its Way Onto PSN And PC Posted by EA Staff at 02:15PM on Tuesday, February, 07, 2012

    Wipe the dust from your chainsaw and feed it some gas. With today’s release of Shank 2, the brutal action and pulp fiction violence of the original game are back.

    Shank 2 drops players into a stunningly sketched world, where you’ll play as Shank, the ex-mob hitman and star of the original game. Following an attack on your village, you’ll take a rather bloody road to redemption as you tear through scores of gangsters and goons.

    Happily for players, Shank 2 doesn’t simply reiterate the successes of the original. The series’ arcade-style controls have been revamped for more fluid destruction of your opponents, and new weapons have been added to punch through now-stronger enemies.

    Shank 2 also features an all-new multi-player Survival mode, where you can work with other players to protect objectives, carve through mini-bosses, and – most importantly – keep yourself alive.

    Head to the Origin store today to pick up your copy of Shank 2 (PC) for just $9.99. Or, purchase the PlayStation 3 version via the PlayStation Network. Shank 2 will be available on Xbox LIVE Arcade beginning tomorrow, February 8.

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