Surviving High School for iPhone and iPad

Now Available on iPad for Free

Join the thousands of fans who are totally addicted to this one-of-a-kind interactive adventure and get an all-new free episode every week – just like your favorite TV show! Plus, on iPad, the game looks super sweet, plays super fast, and gives you a bunch of features you can’t get anywhere else.

Once you get into the game, you can keep it going with more exclusive iPad content. Follow characters you’ve gotten to know in all-new storylines. Take fun personality and trivia quizzes. Maybe even learn a little bit about romance. Change stories with each decision youmake. But remember, some choices are wiser than others…

  • Overview
    • Experience high-school the way you want! Become a jock or a nerd, a popular kid or an outsider
    • With multiple people to date, tons of quiz questions, and secret scenes, bend the story any way you choose
    • Play more than once, and see how the story could turn out different!
    • Get sucked right in with easy and intuitive touch-control action
    • Check out the comic-style graphics, funny dialogue, and mini-games
    • "Tune in" each week for all-new episodes at no additional cost
    • Enjoy even more stories when you purchase episodes on demand
  • iPad
    • High resolution graphics
    • Supported in both Landscape and Portrait modes
    • Free Now Airing Weekly episodes
    • Archive of episodes to download available in Episodes on Demand
    • Supports all episodes that are from the iPhone version
    • Visual episode timeline that illustrates the sequence of the episodes. Episodes indicated in gray are what the player is missing out.
    • While in game, pop-ups (Popularity-Updater) appear as characters in the SHS realm are blogging on what is on their minds.
    • While in Landscape mode, a history of pop-ups is displayed.
    • In Landscape mode only, a Decision Tree diagram is drawn to show what scene the player is in and displays possible branches that the player could have gone.
    • Players can press the rewind button to go back one scene or the fast-forward button to go forward a scene, if available.
    • Players can also tap on a tree node to instantly warp to that point.
    • The decision tree can be zoomed in or out and scrolled.