Theme Park for iPad and iPhone


Build the theme park of your dreams with toy-like attractions and goodie-filled shops!

Get ready for the biggest update yet! Populate your park with Entertainers (like The Strong Man) that your visitors (and you) will love. In addition, there are brand new attractions,  Mystery Boxes (so you can score special prizes), a new level cap, and even more park expansion areas!

Become a theme park mogul and create a rich fantasy world filled with playful attractions, toy-like interactions and goodie-filled shops. Upgrade your rides and your shops while your visitors enjoy what you’ve created. Control the movement of each ride and make them move faster (but not too fast) to give your visitors a thrill (or potentially make them sick).

The sky’s the limit with this awesome building and maintenance simulation game.

  • Overview
    • Become a theme park mogul
    • Build your very own theme park from the ground up
    • Add playful attractions and goodie-filled shops
    • Control the movement of each ride and make them move faster
    • Solve quests to unlock new attractions and shops
    • Mystery Boxes – Buy Mystery Boxes to score special prizes!
    • New Level Cap – Try to reach level 70 and discover our new end-game rides.
    • Tidy Teamwork – Help clean up your friends’ parks for XP and Theme Park cash.
    • Retina Display – Enjoy brighter, optimized graphics on iPad.
    • Buy Super Tickets for real money to skip waits and unlock new rides faster
    • Customize your Park Office
    • Take a unique direction for your park by mixing and matching themes
    • Watch visitors enjoy your park
    • Play a casual version of the Theme Park experience
    • Stay engaged with game updates