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  • avatar Champ Or Chump? Fight Night Champion TKO Tournament Is About To Begin Posted by EA News at 09:46AM on Tuesday, May, 24, 2011

    Champ! It's time to put up or shut up because we're about to find out what you're made of as leaderboard 2 of 4 of the Fight Night Champion $3000 TKO Tournament is about to begin. If you can go round for round all you need to do is play as many 'paid to enter Fight Night Champion matches' as possible via from May 24th to June 7th.

    32 lucky and talented players will be moving on to the finals in July, if you're one of the top 32 players, you'll be notified via email with a private message in your Virgin Gaming inbox.

    Previously, PlayStation Network going into maintenance prevented the first Leaderboard from proceeding as intended resulting in 32 players not getting a chance to rank. But don't worry, we've got some further news that will make it up to you. Leaderboard #4 which runs from June 7th to June 21st is doubling in size from 32 to 64 to accomodate everyone who missed out.

    The finals will run from June 28th to Julyst 1 for Xbox 360 and July 5th to July 8th for PlayStation 3 with each console's finalists competing for a $3000 prize pool and bragging rights as the Fight Night Champion!

    Fight Night Champion is available now.


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