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  • avatar Things You May Have Missed This Week On EA Posted by EA News at 12:54PM on Saturday, February, 12, 2011

    Hello everyone, today Things You May Have Missed on brings you the hottest trailers, demo news and screenshots.

    This week saw us get incredibly excited over the new Battlefield 3 teaser trailer being released. Crysis 2 also realeased their Multiplayer Progression trailer detailing the Nanosuit changing

    We've also got brand new trailers from Dragon Age II, EA SPORTS Fight Night Champion, The Sims Medieval, Bulletstorm and Darkspore alongside gameplay screenshots from Portal 2 and Dragon Age Legends.

    Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 fans can now get a 33% discout from EA STORE and there's also great pre-order news from Rango and Portal 2.

    EA SPORTS Madden NFL 11 predicted the Super Bowl result whilst we have an article about joy from horror with the arrival of Dead Space 2 and if you want to see some of EA Games' hottest designers and producers them the Gamesblog Live event is the place for you.



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