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  • avatar Things You May Have Missed This Week On EA Posted by EA News at 12:16PM on Tuesday, March, 22, 2011

    Hello gamers,

    Last week saw get really excited with brand new game play footage as we followed our squad of U.S. Marines, as they moved to the rooftops to eliminate an enemy sniper in an abandoned hotel in Battlefield 3 Fault Line Episode II: Good Effect On Target.

    Fight Night Champion duck’s weaves and proves that it has this heavy weight has the stamina to go the distance with it’s Accolade Trailer and custom footwear.

    Tiger Woods PGA 12: The Masters released Course Mastery, a trailer showing you the FIRST look at Course Mastery, the Caddie Book, and Pin Awards in this years game. Rickie Fowler teaser screenshots and information on getting along with your caddie were also released.

    Crysis 2 brought us the Gate Keepers Trailer demonstrating how Alcatraz squares off against a squad of CELL Troopers, a very special Limited Edition Promotion, another character biography and important news about the PlayStation 3 Demo.

    The Sims Medieval’s The Bright Side Of Life and Webisode #4 will leave you chuckling and Alice: The Madness Returns won’t – with new dark and deranged screenshots...

    Darren Cross also revealed a geeky passion for footy stats, then tells you how to find your own for FIFA 11 in The Backpage.



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