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the-back-page-news-article.jpg POSTED BY EA News ON 17/06/2013

FIFA 13 Tips | Career Mode Bargain Skillers

Football journalist and FIFA fan Darren Cross picks out ten of the cheapest five star skill players you can sign in Career Mode...

When I'm managing a club in Career Mode I always like to have at least one player in the side that's capable of doing something special to get past a defence or beat a keeper, and for me that means someone who can do five star skill moves.

Being able to bust out tricks like the Rabona Fake can be really useful – I use that particular skill move a lot when I want to quickly switch the ball back on to my strong foot – plus most 5 star skillers are excellent dribblers with good technical stats, so they usually feel great on the ball. Basically, if you like to dribble past opponents regularly then you're going to benefit from having a player with five star skills in your team.

There are around 15,000 players in FIFA 13 and I think I'm right in saying that less than 40 of them start off with the ability to do five star skill moves in Career Mode using the latest database. So unless you have the budget to sign well-known tricksters like Neymar, Ribery and Nani, it can be tricky to track skillers down and bring them in without breaking the bank.

This week's Backpage is here to help with that, because I've been busy finding the cheapest five star skillers in the game so that you don't have to. I've signed all of the players here, so below you'll be able to find out not just what they're worth but how much they actually cost, as well as the other attributes they have that you should find useful.

Let’s get started…

Position: CAM
Club: Coritiba
Nation: Brazil
Overall: 73
Age: 33
Worth: £900k
Wages: £7k
Actual Cost: £900k
Top of this list should be 21-year-old attacking midfielder Michael Ortega, who’s also worth £900k and commands less wages than Lincoln, but he’s on loan at VfL Bochum which means you can’t sign him straight away. So the veteran Coritiba CAM is the cheapest 5 star skiller you can buy from the off and, although he’s very slow, his Vision, Long Pass and Short Pass stats aren’t bad. Lincoln will only sign a one-year deal in my experience, but he’s a good option for a season if you’re managing a club with a small transfer budget.

Position: LM
Club: Al-Fateh
Nation: Brazil
Overall: 74
Age: 25
Worth: £2m
Wages: £1,250
Actual Cost: £2.7m
If you’re looking for a younger skiller and have a bigger budget then check out Al-Fateh’s Élton. His club are short on players in the left wing position and Élton has five years left on his deal so they’ll ask for around £3 million, but I managed to get him for £2.7 million. He’s very quick and has a massive Balance rating of 94 that, combined with a Dribbling of 82, makes him feel great on the ball. Élton also has the Power Free-Kick trait, although his FK Acc stat is just 68.

Yassine Chikhaoui
Position: CF
Club: FC Zurich
Nation: Tunisia
Overall: 73
Age: 25
Worth: £2.1m
Wages: £10k
Actual Cost: £2.9m
FC Zurich really didn’t want to sell me Chikhaoui so I had to convince them by paying more than he’s initially worth as well as £15k per week in wages, but it was a good investment. The forward isn’t especially fast but he does have great Agility, Ball Control, Stamina, Dribbling and a five star weak foot to go with his crazy skills. Chikhaoui also has the Acrobat specialty as well as the Finesse Shot and Flair traits.

Carlos Darwin Quintero
Position: CF
Club: Santos Laguna
Nation: Colombia
Overall: 74
Age: 24
Worth: £2.5m
Wages: £8k
Actual Cost: £3.1m
Santos Laguna forward Quintero is a player I often sign in Career Mode because you get so much for your money. For a total cost of £3.1 million and £10k per week he brings 91 Acceleration, 90 Agility, 89 Sprint Speed and 81 Dribbling. His Finishing isn’t great and he’s not very strong at all so I rarely use him as the lead striker, for me he’s better out wide or behind a front man.

Jorge Valdivia
Position: CAM
Club: Palmeiras
Nation: Chile
Overall: 76
Age: 28
Worth: £3.2m
Wages: £20k
Actual Cost: £4.2m
The transfer fees start to jump a bit from here because you’ll need to pay around a million pounds over the asking price if you want to sign Palmeiras’ attacking midfielder Valdivia. He’s a real flair player with good Ball Control, Vision, Short Pass, Long pass and, as you’d expect, Dribbling. At 28 he’s unlikely to improve massively, but he’d definitely be a good signing for at least a few seasons. Also, keep an eye on Werder Bremen’s 5 star skiller Eljero Elia. He’s another player in this price range but isn’t available straight away as he only joined the club last summer.

Position: RW
Club: FC Porto
Nation: Brazil
Overall: 74
Age: 19
Worth: £4.4m
Wages: £15k
Actual Cost: £4.4m
Porto looked like they were going to play hardball with me initially – they asked for £6.5 million for Kelvin – but that didn’t last long and they eventually sold him for what he was worth. That’s a real bargain for a 19-year-old who, with games, grows rapidly and will soon be worth many millions more than what you’ll have to pay. He’s fast, with Acceleration and Sprint Speed stats into the 80s, has an Agility of 90 and 85 for Dribbling. The only negative is that you’ll need to sub him fairly regularly as his Stamina rating is just 51.

Position: CF
Club: AC Milan
Nation: Brazil
Overall: 79
Age: 28
Worth: £4.6m
Wages: £50k
Actual Cost: £5m
I doubt that I need to tell you much about Robinho, everyone knows what an excellent player he is. What some of you may not know is that you can sign him in season one for around £5 million, which is great for a player of his ability. Robinho has 92 Balance, 91 Agility, 90 Acceleration, 90 Dribbling and 89 Ball Control as well as the Flair trait plus Dribbler and Acrobat specialties.

Gary Mackay-Steven
Position: LW
Club: Dundee United
Nation: Scotland
Overall: 73
Age: 21
Worth: £3.5m
Wages: £10k
Actual Cost: £5.3m
On paper Liverpool’s Oussama Assaidi looked slightly cheaper than what I eventually had to pay for Mackay-Steven, but they wouldn’t flog him to me as he only joined the club last summer. Although Mackay-Steven costs a lot more than he appears to be worth you won’t regret signing him as, like Kelvin, he improves very quickly – in one of my current saves his Overall is up in the mid 80s and he’s worth a lot more than £5.3 million. The left winger has fantastic Acceleration, good Dribbling and the Flair trait.

Andres D’Alessandro
Position: CAM
Club: I. Porto Alegre
Nation: Argentina
Overall: 80
Age: 31
Worth: £5.5m
Wages: £30k
Actual Cost: £6.7m
Aiden McGeady and Ronaldinho appear to be cheaper options than D’Alessandro, but I’ve never managed to get McGeady for a penny less than £7.5 million and Ron’s club won’t let him go at all, so the Argentina playmaker is the next cheapest skiller I can find. Don’t let the £6.7 million price tag put you off the 31-year-old though, because D’Alessandro is a class act and a quick flick to the third page of his profile will tell you why – there are lovely green attribute boxes in all the right places. The left-footed CAM also has the Flair trait and the Dribbler specialty.

Position: CAM
Club: Sao Paulo
Overall: 79
Age: 28
Worth: £4.6m
Wages: £30k
Actual Cost: £6.9m
Jadson’s club don’t want to let him go so you’ll probably have to do what I did and spend around £2 million more than he’s worth, as well as a possible wage increase – I’m paying £45k per week. He’s an excellent player though, with good Agility, Balance, Vision, Ball Control and Dribbling to go with his obvious skills. If you’re a better negotiator than me then you may be able to sign QPR’s Adel Taarabt for around the same price, but in my save the club wouldn’t sell for anything less than £10 million.

So they’re the ten cheapest five star skillers I’ve found that are available right at the start of Career Mode. If you know of any more, or you’ve managed to buy any of these guys for less, then please let me know by commenting below or tweeting me @darren_cross so the rest of the community can sign them up.

Thanks for reading The Backpage, and see you next week.

FIFA 13 is availble to buy now on Origin for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC.