The Sims Hot Date

The Sims™ Hot Date, play matchmaker to the Sims and watch the sparks fly or fizzle. Send your Sims on a candlelit dinner for two at the swankiest restaurant in town or a risqué rendezvous in the park after dark. Will your Sims find true love or be destined to a lifetime membership in the lonely hearts club? Find out if there really is someone for everyone… or have fun trying!
The Sims
  • Overview

    New Locations

    Take your dream date to new environments including downtown and the park. Invite neighbors and friends to meet you at these new locales as well.

    New Characters

    Meet new people and make new friends when you head out including blind dates and your Sim neighbours from the other side of town.

    New Social Interactions

    Play footsie, whisper sweet nothings, gossip about the couple at the next table…whatever it takes to keep the sparks flying.

    New Romantic Objects

    Help set the mood with new romantic objects such as Cuddle Couch, Love Tub, Sauna, Picnic Basket, and Lover’s Swing.

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    This title is rated 3+