FIFA Soccer 10

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FIFA Soccer 10

On the heels of winning 25 international gaming awards with FIFA Soccer 09, the top-selling soccer franchise from EA SPORTS is surpassed with FIFA Soccer 10.


360º Dribbling

The first-ever true 360° dribbling system in a football game gives you precise control to skillfully play spaces between defenders that previously were not possible. Mehr erfahren

Advanced Positioning

Defenders multi-task and play the pitch more intelligently by covering dangerous spaces left by out-of-position teammates. In attack, players analyze space more effectively, curve their runs to stay onside, create Mehr erfahren

Authentic Manager Mode

With over 50 improvements, FIFA 10's new Manager Mode is as close as you can get to running a team without actually being named to the job. Mehr erfahren

Authentic Shooting

Refinements to the shooting system and tweaks to the ball physics create a wider, more realistic variety of shots that enhance the exhilaration of scoring. Mehr erfahren

Authentic Transfers

Truly realistic transfers are made using logic based on multiple decision factors including finance, prestige, career prospects, other players' involvement and competition from AI clubs. Mehr erfahren

Customizable Set Pieces

Design and record your very own dead ball moves on the training ground for use on match day to outwit your opponent. You have complete control over your players, with the ability to assign a specific role and movement to ever… Mehr erfahren

Responding to Gamer Feedback

With over 250 million games played by the FIFA community, listening to the feedback and addressing gamer frustration has become a key part of the FIFA strategy. Better balance on lofted through balls; improved goalkeeper inte… Mehr erfahren

Refined Goalkeeping Intelligence

Various improvements mean that goalkeepers now have a better perception of where to intercept loose balls and how urgently to do so, resulting in a more responsive and powerful rushing system. New animation warping technology… Mehr erfahren

Immersive Football World

Manager Mode takes you deep inside the world of football with formations and squads determined by match importance, real-time week-by-week transfers and transfer event summaries that promote bidding wars. Mehr erfahren

Behavioral Intelligence Improvements

Players are more intelligent with more authentic behavior. Players now avoid passes not intended for them, avoid blocking teammate shots, and throw themselves in the way of attacker's shots in defense. Mehr erfahren


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