NBA Live 2002

EA Vancouver

NBA Live 2002

Play As Or Against Michael Jordan. Throw Down With Authority. Battle the Big Dogs Inside. Big-Time Gameplay, Big-Time Players.


Dunks! Dunks! Dunks!

Over 40 new dunks and the power to drive the lane give you the ability to take it to the rack with authority. Mehr erfahren

Look Good While Playing Good

Style up your players with knee braces arm and head bands, sweet show styles, and more. Mehr erfahren

The Legends Take the Court

Take on Hall of Famers and court legends 5-on-5 or 1-on-1 and decide for yourself who are the greatest of all time. Mehr erfahren

Build the Next NBA Dynasty

Win season after season in Franchise Mode—build the team that everyone fears. Mehr erfahren

Own the Paint

Dominate under the basket with more post moves, a bigger shot selection, easier post defense, and defensive rebounding. Mehr erfahren

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