NHL 98

EA Vancouver

NHL 98

Fine the twine. Thread the needle. Clear the crease. Stack the pads. Break it out. Win it all.


Over 500 real NHL player faces on the players Mehr erfahren On-the-fly Coaching Strategies Mehr erfahren Authentic NHL Play-by-Play and Color commentary Mehr erfahren Season, exhibition, tournament, and shootout mode Mehr erfahren Authentic goalie mask artwork from real NHL goaltenders Mehr erfahren One-timers, glass-breaking checks, and perfect player positioning Mehr erfahren Realistic powerplays, breakouts, forechecks, and backchecks Mehr erfahren Updated NHL team rosters and player ratings Mehr erfahren User-controlled shot deflections Mehr erfahren Stanley Cup proven intelligence from Colorado Avalanche coach Marc Crawford Mehr erfahren

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