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An Attack on Kings Canyon?

Beasts have overrun the Apex Arena and reshaped the map! But was this a simple accident? The Outlands Journal investigates.

Disaster has struck Kings Canyon, home of the Apex Games: a Repulsor Tower built to drive away the area’s native wildlife collapsed, clearing the way for a stampede of creatures into the arena. Images of the disaster have been splashed across holoscreens from Solace to Psamathe, and hardly a reporter in the Outlands neglected to comment.

Under normal circumstances, we at the Outlands Journal would leave such straightforward reporting to the mainstream. But reports of a mysterious figure appearing in the arena moments before the tower’s destruction suggest something more nefarious than an industrial accident. The Journal has obtained photo evidence of some of the damage to the arena – we believe the truth is hiding in plain sight.    

Apex Legends Shattered Forest After
Apex Legends Shattered Forest Before

The Leviathans

In the aftermath of the tower’s collapse, the once-peaceful Leviathans that hovered beyond the cliffs of Kings Canyon tore through the arena, destroying several familiar landmarks in their violent stampede. The small, abandoned town on which they settled is now little more than a pile of rubble.    

Apex Legends Shipping Container Town After
Apex Legends Shipping Container Town Before


The flyers that long circled Kings Canyon – surely drawn by the smell of regular bloodshed – have made the Shattered Forest their nesting grounds. Our photographers spotted several of these creatures scouting the arena, returning to their nests with boxes of supplies.    

Apex Legends The Cage After
Apex Legends The Cage Before

New Installations

A new containment outpost and additional camps have been constructed across the arena, but the most eye-catching of all is certainly the Cage. This six-story behemoth is meant to draw competitors to supplies like moths to a grisly flame. It seems the Mercenary Syndicate has no plans to let this attack stall the Apex Games and have used it as an opportunity to create an even greater spectacle.

But one vital question still lingers: who wanted to put a stop to the Apex Games, and why? The Syndicate recently had a run-in with a rival organization on the planet Talos – could they have been responsible for this attack?

The Outlands Journal will be the first to uncover the truth. Check back often for further coverage of secrets lurking beneath the surface of the Apex Games.

 –  Angela Fazia


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